Hackers take down Facebook accounts

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Whether you use your Facebook account on a daily basis or you login once in a while, you need to be extra cautious about the virtual scams which may lurk for you. If you have already faced the clandestine Facebook has Changed their Privacy Settings Once More scam, you must recognize that cyber criminals could hide behind your friends, colleagues, family and other Facebook users. Unfortunately in some cases, once schemers take down one Facebook account, spam and social engineering scams can be spread to all profiles connected to that particular account. This means that if your profile was hacked, people from your Friends list could be scammed by you without you even knowing it. So, how can you disclose a Facebook scam? How should you act once your account gets hacked? How should you protect your privacy? Continue reading to find answers to all of the important questions.

To hijack your Facebook account schemers need to retrieve your password and your user name. This is a complicated task for hackers; however, there are certain tricks that can aid them in this illegal task. What would you do if you saw a link posted on your Timeline, News Feed or Inbox with an attractive tag line pushing you to click on it? There is a high chance that you would click on this link, especially if it was sent by your Friends. Unfortunately, this is how cyber crooks can initiate their malicious scheme. If after clicking on the provided link you have been routed to what appears to be the log-in page of Facebook, you need to restart your browser. Logging in though this fictitious page can help schemers discover your confidential data and hijack your Facebook account. The worst part is that after the account has been hacked, schemers can then use your name to spread the malicious scam! Needless to say, you do not want to be responsible for the misery of your own Facebook friends.

What should you do if your Facebook account has been hijacked? It is most important to change your login data as soon as possible. If you succeed at this task, you then should contact people from your Friends list to ensure that they do not fall for the same tricks you have fallen for just recently. Of course, after this you are bound to act more carefully whenever suspicious content is linked to your Facebook account. However, there are a few extra steps you can take. First of all, it is recommended to change the Privacy Settings regarding to who can post on your Timeline and send you private messages. Note that it is not wise to have your account open to strangers who could potentially have malignant intentions. Furthermore, you should think about installing authentic security software so that schemers could not breach the security of your operating Windows system. All in all, remember that the web is not a secure place and you have to be extra cautious every time you connect to the Internet.


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