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It would seem as though Conficker C is the new version of the much despised and notorious Conficker worm, or as it is best known the Conficker B++ worm. This malicious and dangerous worm is rated as a severe threat which can cause permanent damage to an infected PC. Conficker C easily gains access to the intended victim’s PC by disabling any installed security software or applications. This makes it that much more difficult to detect and effectively destroy Conficker C from the system.

The entire purpose behind Conficker C is to act as an application which will infect the user’s PC with additional malware. It does this by connecting to an external domain where it will register the infection to its developers, and also gain further instructions. Users will also find that Conficker C will soon be downloading even more threats and infections onto the system.

Other symptoms synonymous with Conficker C is the fact that the worm will block the user’s access to security websites as well as blocking online malware and antispyware scanners from completing system scans. This is done in an effort to prevent the user from running or downloading an application with the ability to detect and remove Conficker C from the system.

This worm will not only disable Windows Automatic Updates and Safe Mode, but it will also delete all system restore points. It also blocks access to Windows Security Center. This worm is malicious in nature, and users should eliminate Conficker C from their systems at the earliest possible time. This can effectively and permanently be done by using a removal tool which will also offer adequate future protection.

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