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There are a number of compound computer infections that have a few constituent parts. Backdoor.Ofnipon.A is one of these infections that pave way for other viruses to enter your PC. This infection is a backdoor Trojan that terminates a number of security processes on your PC, making your system vulnerable against malicious attacks. You need to remove Backdoor.Ofnipon.A from your computer, because this backdoor allows a hacker to gain access and control of your computer. This way you can experience a sensitive data leak, or your computer could be used as a bot in a Distributed Denial of Service attack.

Since it is a backdoor Trojan, Backdoor.Ofnipon.A does not prompt you about the infection. You can never know when you get infected with this malware exactly. What is more, this backdoor can check the system environment, and in some case it can terminate its own processes so that you would not be able to detect or analyze it with built-in system security utilities. Backdoor.Ofnipon.A is also good at avoiding detection, because it drops itself onto the target system as svchost.exe file, and this is the name of a system process that is constantly running. Naturally, the locations of the original and the impostor file are different, but general users definitely cannot tell the difference, nor do they know how to check the locations for these files.

What is more, when your computer is infected with this backdoor Trojan, Backdoor.Ofnipon.A adds a registry entry that allows the malware to auto-start whenever you turn on your computer. Once the backdoor is up and running, it terminates a number of security process and programs including acs.exe, bullguard.exe, ekrn.exe, kavsvc.exe, nod32.exe and so on. Then it connects to such servers as via port 3074 and retrieves a number of commands that make Backdoor.Ofnipon.A send product key information, start UDP flood of your IP address, send screenshots of your desktop and so on.

It is obvious that with Backdoor.Ofnipon.A on board, your computer and your personal information is exposed to a number of threats. If your personal information gets stolen by a third party, you could even lose your money, because these days the main objective of cyber criminals is financial gain. If you are not sure whether you are infected with Backdoor.Ofnipon.A or not, run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner. If the infection is detected, acquire a legitimate antispyware tool that will help you delete Backdoor.Ofnipon.A from your computer automatically. If you are an inexperienced computer user you should definitely NOT try removing this backdoor on your own, because you could end up removing important system files. Trust a reliable computer safeguard program to do it for you.

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