CasaleMedia is a tracking cookie that monitors your Internet browsing habits in order to track when you see online advertisements. According to the official website for CasaleMedia, the cookies are used for two main purposes. Firstly, CasaleMedia tracking cookie checks whether you have seen a particular advertisement served by the company already.

Top Threats

Politia Romana Virus

Politia Romana Virus is computer infections, also known as a ransomware virus, which locks your computer’s system down and presents a false warning saying that the PC is paralyzed because you have violated some laws. According to the message, in order to unlock the PC, it is important to pay a fine on time; otherwise, some legal actions will be taken.

Northern Constabulary E-Crime Unit virus

Northern Constabulary E-Crime Unit virus is a cunning computer infection also called ransomware infection which you will be able to identify immediately because of its message displayed on the screen. The virus blocks your access to the desktop and the Internet so that you cannot check the problem as soon as it arises.

Atenção! Seu computador e bloqueado!

If on your computer screen you find a message saying Atenção! Seu computador e bloqueado! and also notice that you have lost your access to the desktop, note that your PC is infected by a cunning ransomware infection....

La policia ESPAÑOLA virus

Do you have suspicion that your computer has been infected with the vicious La policia ESPAÑOLA virus? If your PC is locked, you cannot access your desktop and your screen is covered with an intimidating notification...

Police on Web Virus

Police on Web Virus will make you think that you are under investigation, because after penetrating into the system, this piece of ransomware will pop up a simulated warning whose content is expected to shock you. The...