CasaleMedia is a tracking cookie that monitors your Internet browsing habits in order to track when you see online advertisements. According to the official website for CasaleMedia, the cookies are used for two main purposes. Firstly, CasaleMedia tracking cookie checks whether you have seen a particular advertisement served by the company already.

Top Threats


Windows Efficiency Reservoir

Windows Efficiency Reservoir is a rogue antispyware application that is created to rip unsuspecting users off. If you think that you can never become one of its victims, then better think again, because this rogue is very good at tricking computer users into believing that they are infected with multiple threats

Strong Malware Defender

It seems like there’s no end to the flood of rogues from Rogue.VirusDoctor family, because Strong Malware Defender is yet another product from the same nest that has spawned Malware Protection Center, Home Malware...

BTCWare-PayDay Ransomware

If BTCWare-PayDay Ransomware finds a way to enter your system, you may be left with encrypted files that you will never be able to use again. The ransomware infection can be a real nightmare as there is no free tool yet...

Smart Fortress 2012

There are a few main rogue families that have been bothering computer users for a while now, and Rogue.SecurityTool is one of them. The newest member of the clan that comes forth to destroy your system is called Smart...