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If you have noticed a program called Xfirefox.exe, be sure to execute its complete removal right away. This is crucial since malware experts working at our internal labs have dubbed it as a Trojan. This classification has been made after a detailed analysis of this application. During it, our researchers discovered that this program functions in a suspicious and invasive manner. Having this Trojan fully active will have extremely negative effects on the way you experience the web. It could also prove to be the primary reason your PC might slow down, making daily computer-related tasks annoying and frustrating. On top of all that, this invasive program could also be the reason other devious applications might be able to enter your PC without a lot of trouble. Read the rest of this report to learn more about Xfirefox.exe and its functionality. We also include a detailed removal guide that you should use to get rid of this Trojan once and for all.

Xfirefox.exe obtains and installs a suspicious copy of Firefox Developer Edition as soon as it enters your operating system. While at first sight, it might not seem like a big deal, you should know that this additional tool will be used in a devious way, to say the least. During its analysis, our researchers have discovered that it will primarily be used to open unwanted third-party websites at random times, whether you like that or not. These undesirable sites will be presented to you for as long as your PC is turned on. Thus, it is not surprising that such functionality could drain your computer's resources, eventually making it perform in a significantly slower manner. Not surprisingly it will also have a substantial impact on the way you experience the web. Unfortunately, it will not be a positive one. For as long as this Trojan will be active on your PC you will constantly be disturbed with presentations of questionable websites. The complete list of what sites this application opens can be found in a single file entitled prev.dat located in the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder. In the majority of cases, users are provided with various sites that promote different products. It goes without saying that due to all of this, surfing the web the way you are used to will be impossible. To regain your browsers default functionality so you could surf the web without interruptions, make sure to completely delete Xfirefox.exe once and for all.

If the invasive and annoying functionality of Xfirefox.exe was not enough, you should know that it could also be the main reason other programs might be able to enter your PC without a lot of trouble. If you already have this Trojan active on your PC, our malware experts highly advise you to perform an analysis of your PC for other suspicious and even potentially malicious programs. It is important to do so because in quite a few cases this devious application is spread via bundled installers, which are notorious for being the primary source of undesirable and dangerous software. You must also know that some of the websites presented to you by this Trojan could prove to be potentially harmful. There is a chance that you could be presented with a web page that is designed to infect your PC and just entering it or clicking anything on it could result in a system infection. Such sites are usually embedded with something known as an arbitrary code execution exploit, which can trigger a remote silent installation. Even though such websites are not presented frequently, coming across one remains a possibility. Do not leave Xfirefox.exe active on your PC under no circumstances. To have a secure and clean computer, you need to delete it entirely.

Make sure to follow the removal instructions for Xfirefox.exe with care; execute each step with your utmost attention since a single mistake, or a skipped step could result in an incomplete removal. This is a situation that you do not want to find yourself in because leftovers of this Trojan could still act in a devious manner. Upon further investigation, our malware researchers have discovered that in some instances Xfirefox.exe could continue its intrusive functionality with the help of just a few leftover files. In other situations, its traces might be used to restore it. Avoid finding yourself in such situation by simply double-checking your PC for anything associated with Xfirefox.exe once you are done with the manual removal.

How to remove Xfirefox.exe from your PC

  1. Tap the Windows key on your keyboard.
  2. Type regedit into the search box and then select it.
  3. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
  4. Right-click a registry value called Microsoft and select Delete.
  5. Open the File Explorer.
  6. Navigate to C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming.
  7. Right-click a file entitled Xfirefox.exe and select Delete.
  8. Navigate to C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\JAVA.
  9. Right-click a file called run32dil.exe and select Delete.
  10. Navigate to C:\Windows\SysWow64.
  11. Right-click a file named prev.dat and select Delete.
  12. Right-click your Recycle Bin and select Empty Recycle Bin.
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Xfirefox.exe technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1TrustedInstaller.exe153301 bytesMD5: f2ad86d6f0043b9aeef53e6823f5e993
2SearchIndexer.exe45056 bytesMD5: d23126be4f0eac90c4bfbe81b0aa43b0
3Updater1.exe15360 bytesMD5: 0fa710bf12fde1fe24cde1fb1aeec84d
4kworker.exe66048 bytesMD5: 8e268c63474103ed7df5e2bc2b6b9cb7
5syshm.exe371712 bytesMD5: 48c6552ea112d9e3547355ee2d1c85f8
6tgcomiccityloader.exe1184776 bytesMD5: dcda9ed00cb54e7427516e0c0c226c02
7run.vbs604 bytesMD5: 2536ebd4ffaa2d66e48b9ed917daec92
8mm.vbe4431 bytesMD5: 4773062f56953d5e7587c88b2e102444
9mun.exe15872 bytesMD5: 968f69b8ad36b09441eb6c58f2cb320c
10msass.exe6144 bytesMD5: 5dc7331a130747603802d70a25f6c06e
11WindowsService.exe7168 bytesMD5: b1da095783e090b8db42581f930b1685
12color.vbs129 bytesMD5: 15e1952c03665aa9ddd666ff9ade17a6
13ctfmon.exe45056 bytesMD5: 5bca6fac194ce9b6f19e16f66101eb80
14BrowserTM.exe128512 bytesMD5: b0766bc92dc9444730cc38912981e5a4
15installer.exe2595328 bytesMD5: 21706516447cdb8d67ccba68312a182a
16ilms.exe64000 bytesMD5: 577d57002f8b602f97f253344c502c97
17svcsystem.exe2322944 bytesMD5: a0b6fb463923ab435ee685c1fa0bf7fa
18services.exe233984 bytesMD5: 04a876b5bd11e849bbf978e45fc115d9
19csrssr.exe4192768 bytesMD5: d5545ccc0e06989048cebbb682265927
20D.vbe2045 bytesMD5: e8cf96af72a6c21d92313bb1cfb51a11
21Java.exe706048 bytesMD5: 08c67cb6886ae870cdb6a80312a6c50d
22Clash Of Clans Hack v4.0 by ParadiseOfHacks.exe1808896 bytesMD5: 0c6bcb7431817b56e630d6919d1b0acf
23strdfup.exe860672 bytesMD5: d01079b8329ab61e8dbe1d1e39c882e0
24Vghd.exe378368 bytesMD5: bb7dd0e95bfb3bc2244021a564970923
25pubpr.vbs543 bytesMD5: ba7f1aa65bf727433e9ce97ff40cee21
26Win32.exe194002 bytesMD5: f1bff5624860a12dd807a92d5d0ac5ed
27YesMessenger.pif252928 bytesMD5: b7a13da6d260fc469b7e82ba7c22194f
28wintaskhost.exe18432 bytesMD5: 321b4f1c63db742aa13f3ac5592c021b
29bfmgmjch.exe88576 bytesMD5: 59999a249b9edd5889054c8c3ae6a6d7
30Compresseddrivvernvidiagt.exe222208 bytesMD5: e43208a4c3069d9f98d7ed227406c948
31svchost.exe20480 bytesMD5: 1b48d8ce9341532c48878004fead514b
32winsvc.vbs189 bytesMD5: 26bf6003934145a4e222428c6d1aada3
33file.exe957952 bytesMD5: 6ff70414d0f09d72c84a9d59dbaeb201
34pools.exe4801536 bytesMD5: 91e6e1be88c19e5fe8db968e915d17a9
35aiko.exe89600 bytesMD5: b31cd0b2a42cd9c9ba8561a288af87cd
36Flash Player.exe18058752 bytesMD5: dc73538cb9fa9891fb4b13db9cb0d143
37dwm22.exe71168 bytesMD5: f2b28d713c51ab91e3452f7f98416123
38urrlsterm.dll295424 bytesMD5: ed1ea35937fa29aa2ead940d497d4fa3
39BindEx.exe28672 bytesMD5: 7f67d6cf6dd6ac289fc2255ff02b0833
40ss u helper.exe540160 bytesMD5: 8673c62cf247f8bae04f7373bb3a8716
41Security.exe3183616 bytesMD5: 4175a57f71290b9f49bb99a06c823d19
42winupdt32f.exe77824 bytesMD5: 359c9879f0b9d48badc1b7e2a76ab9ca
43btwdins.exe44544 bytesMD5: cf76bb0d76e928132230b58801e0aa19
44AppServices.exe183808 bytesMD5: 99d856476886ce6a308085e371821661
45AppHelper.exe893952 bytesMD5: 5d2da623a9ec92bdaac709706fb4b06b
46winpackhost.exe22016 bytesMD5: bbeb9712f7f2ecb80beca0e9accbc368
472ryO.vbe1187483 bytesMD5: c1db52b647a05516f6745200ff24bf92
48Adobe.exe147456 bytesMD5: 581d4ca3b2036d5ecf413bd8dd7364ac
49sdfesdf.exe.exe5875712 bytesMD5: 0b059b8bd7783a5991fb97f73ab96a53
50cpuminerstart.exe861696 bytesMD5: 755e55842fa5aa2c30a822c47db30803
51directxwebpack.exe543737 bytesMD5: 6fc2860009b9deb7acc19c65822a6cfe
52taskengcon.exe36864 bytesMD5: b2f72915a9e99eb71e0607a0da5f1e28
53conhost.exe124416 bytesMD5: 1c001f937645d8118a8e7c4925e9c2b6
54Chrome_i.exe957440 bytesMD5: 91ec456865d2163d8e13c12ff7c0b1ed
55netfilter2.sys54304 bytesMD5: bde9e1bd7cacd18b4de395618c84eed8
56REBUILDI.EXE350246 bytesMD5: 945439f5be91a75987382fb510f9535f
57unwrapped.exe2244608 bytesMD5: efbc6845b2a6119172103c868763deca
58FacebookUpd.exe1146368 bytesMD5: c496b63e097c3f12d1335b566ccca735
59csrssf.exe5714944 bytesMD5: 987ce91f165fd73a3aed0c2985b7a30c
60svghost.exe968060 bytesMD5: cff4dbbfdaf90e04c8c3a4bb079bcb26
61snupdater.exe16384 bytesMD5: 1c9c30ef5c2baa04e006252271b7d3c5
62task64.exe44368 bytesMD5: cb646a7a85a9055dfd54f6ebe5a55d99
63hppupdate.exe11264 bytesMD5: e188d7ec33e95d8b2dd739c9f92132ad
64csrss.exe31272687 bytesMD5: 6c58bb647992de99c2862a1204999795
65Application Data.exe503808 bytesMD5: 2a9a70ea2d727b01f872536e160121e8
66wstartup.exe336896 bytesMD5: 1bb38c81933a66a9ab215546489d2662
67srcheng.dll112128 bytesMD5: da56879ebcdc2781fb84bfd6a9112d26
68MiniFriv01.exe1274368 bytesMD5: fc55af10719d77707098167e129c5464
69Hiimuaxziuv.dll307712 bytesMD5: 531eee44395abcb8bc2f0fa737394121
70DriverAssistE41.exe1199104 bytesMD5: c91dc4c3b1122202f8a81629016bc97e
71wd.exe6144 bytesMD5: 8958d73eee15ff6566a97afb119b41d6
72Windows screen manage updater.exe15360 bytesMD5: 723fd491470783233245c299a39071f1
73clientmonitor.exe30371840 bytesMD5: 59833eb57e46719248225194875f4bf0
74Recent.vbe15550 bytesMD5: 9df8e8c3d9826860476d4551658b4791
75fghjmnlo1.exe4315136 bytesMD5: 003bb8b3ac54137b2a7194b184fd80fc
76Startup.exe148480 bytesMD5: 4c494a48309e2f5c9edd1d706b276cc3
77systwin.exe305893 bytesMD5: 80d72493503f92c80f8a70a8955f92d1
78Time-svc.exe10752 bytesMD5: e19b1d70087e8af86fc7eac8eaa77fb1
79WinUpdate.exe503808 bytesMD5: 84c46186e12409462b7466ca4e54cf76
80testlive.exe1852928 bytesMD5: 32d7f531cc8391dbddece8afc40e8267
81RandomDelJiheReg.exe342528 bytesMD5: 3449837aab1740b0a7426bf170651923
82un.exe150016 bytesMD5: 5a239aa97d69dce001e769117332149e
83msdtc.exe167424 bytesMD5: 866c0022f3e64aa043dae61f618d2862
84VCL.dll341672 bytesMD5: c22c423a08e88bdf6b30d5ec15f11f7b
85color.vbe15361 bytesMD5: eb9e43bdb9b69ca1b710edc39fbac2e5
86win.vbs547 bytesMD5: 5dad80f2f3c97718d60277f9b0ccbabd
87firefoxupd.exe1123931 bytesMD5: 79e7a5623b28085dcd7bacef8bb3ccd4
88Microsoft Services.exe55808 bytesMD5: 509c60d27a0427648a5241c829ffc21d
89updater.exe260608 bytesMD5: 14560f2d4eda150916b0b1dac4ca6362
90lupdater.exe55296 bytesMD5: 26499fa3584dddaec22bf0d0e09225ba
91str_up.exe860672 bytesMD5: 7475856383787721342482ca98406f40
92Steam.exe288768 bytesMD5: 72cd21075e6d2ea41634ec936bca65f0
93GetBooks.exe509440 bytesMD5: d0bafff9a9d503e0e111d79d6f173d79
94System.exe3074560 bytesMD5: b76ee6236ca771c1b4fc1814def0d650
95a18467.exe285184 bytesMD5: 60673bc4b4a350562f7eaab452a3f5f2
96mppsvc.dll88576 bytesMD5: 997a040231c9cdfa2f3e553d234e57f2
97malwareprotection360.exe2356736 bytesMD5: 6becbf26011ddfdcb43ccb943996fdb5
98LookupSvi.exe7168 bytesMD5: 445d68e1678bafab128cdf043188dd8a
99ccsvchst.exe278528 bytesMD5: 69cf976f2583f39c67f4fac29eb03be2
100wintel.exe34816 bytesMD5: 0d9786ad4e9643d74444542e4623abfc


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