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You may think that it is a good idea to have an application like Weather Inspect on your system, as it can display local weather information; however, we believe that you need to be careful with this app. In fact, we have labeled this threat as an adware program since it can install a bunch of other processes that would constantly fill your screen with all kinds of potentially unsafe third-party ads. Exposure to questionable content can always be risky because if you click on an unreliable advertisement, you could be redirected to a malicious website or directly drop further infections onto your machine. Since it is quite likely that this adware threat infiltrates your computer along with other malicious software installers, you could be facing multiple system security issues right now. If you want to save your computer from further problems, we recommend that you remove Weather Inspect as soon as possible. If you would like to learn more about this infection and how it can show up on your computer together with other threats, please continue reading our article.

This adware infection actually has its own promotional website at This site looks quite trendy and professional, which could be rather misleading. However, the first big question mark arises as soon as you try to download this application by clicking on any of the buttons or links on the site. As a matter of fact, nothing happens at all apart from refreshing the page. This is rather suspicious when the application is not actually available on its own website. So how did it end up on your computer? Well, the answer will not make you happy. Unfortunately, it is quite possible that you installed this adware program while installing a free software bundle.

Bundles are always risky to install if you do not read the license agreement properly or you do not pay close attention to the screens of the installation wizard. Such an installer may reveal its true content only when you choose the Custom or Advanced option, if there is any offered. However, most users tend to go for the Quick installation option, which is obviously always recommended by these installers. So, if you overlook the checkboxes where you could deselect certain components, you can easily install all the content by default. Such a bundle may pack potentially unwanted programs, Trojans, keyloggers, backdoors, browser hijackers, and, of course, adware applications. No wonder why it is dangerous to install such a bunch as these infections can cause multiple virtual security threats by exposing you to questionable third-party web content, for example. You can get infected by a bundle if you download free files from suspicious torrent and freeware pages, if you click on corrupt third-party ads and links, or when your PC has been infected already with adware and other malware threats capable of displaying third-party content. We advise you to scan your computer with an online malware scanner you can trust right after you delete Weather Inspect from your system.

This application looks like a useful tool to display the local weather information for you on your screen. However, in the background it installs other processes to display potentially unreliable third-party advertisements. These ads could take you to websites with adult content, online gaming pages, fake flash update pages, technical support scam pages, but you may as well drop another bundle of "surprises" onto your system. Engaging with any of the unreliable advertisements could cause further infections and worse, you could land on fake websites posing as online shops, for example, and you could share your credit card details with criminals. The latter would clearly end with your losing money from your bank account, which is probably one of the worst things that can happen to you in the virtual world. We believe that it is important that you remove Weather Inspect from your computer if you would like to keep your PC clean and secure.

It is possible that you can uninstall this adware threat via Control Panel if you can identify it in the list of installed programs. However, we have included manual instructions for you below this article, if you would like to stop this threat with your own hands. It is really not that complicated to eliminate this adware infection. But what about all the rest of the possible threats on your system? Do you think you can identify and erase them all without leftovers? If you want to make sure that your computer is all clean, we suggest that you employ a reliable anti-malware program like SpyHunter. But even if you are wise enough to protect your PC with such a security tool, you should not forget about updating all your programs and drivers as well if you want to keep cyber criminals away.

How to remove Weather Inspect from Windows

  1. Press Win+E.
  2. Delete the following folders:
  3. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  4. Restart your PC.
Download Remover for Weather Inspect *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Weather Inspect technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1rec_br_16.exe3978408 bytesMD5: f92a72d5e2eae792ad4264df6219f339
2MediaDownloader.exe5892175 bytesMD5: 6143c6761d236cd3ea1eb34283715c01
3rec_br_14.exe3979944 bytesMD5: f44d52e7a3b0b06cb826604e4dbe7c54
4rec_br_5.exe3979432 bytesMD5: 5f9ec39b0d0a457146e896de07c21ffc
5rec_de_1.exe3978920 bytesMD5: 14ab47f806a9a0e7a50e120e961a67a1
6FXU8R0O7D.exe1473024 bytesMD5: 55c5cfef878bfec36d11dab005a2fe0c
7E1P5HTH4Z.exe1055232 bytesMD5: af7651ff877fbf486c2f1ad869cd034c
8rec_au_2.exe3978920 bytesMD5: 51444c43610f837e25847245ccba21c4
9rec_en_229.exe3966640 bytesMD5: d072feedf5fdfb4163ded517fc5e8653
10rec_fr_9.exe3978600 bytesMD5: 2c8c81b4efc560a5701975fe7f4934c5
11rec_pl_5.exe3978408 bytesMD5: f524296bef3d57bab4f058b51203f063
12rec_pl_10.exe3981968 bytesMD5: fb7fe1221dfd913357c0352d7431b584
13KB0MIN4MB.exe1214976 bytesMD5: ad3df83b5ccc8b064e80bd89e68d7d43
14rec_it_2.exe3978920 bytesMD5: 08109552721bd9577e478d40de586b68
15ItsTV.exe2908160 bytesMD5: c3c31428499cf5d15d5be9422521b081
16KB2NRWVT0.exe1040384 bytesMD5: d71c9422669b0397d3e9d204e0175308
17EoRezoBHO.dll221184 bytesMD5: 5a42d8212a3cec3bc33d86992dc0934a
18SVEJIZV6Q.exe1218048 bytesMD5: 1b06dc1dff642c99bf90ec3d02fdb94f
19rec_fr_1.exe3976872 bytesMD5: fa725a928990454ec566420ab6c9c699
20LI624OITS.exe2068992 bytesMD5: 7766f51394a9f6376e11f3635e4431e2
21PBGWQY3GJ.exe2069504 bytesMD5: d9c2935f7feb15df21c65c2d4c10c4e6
22rec_fr_12.exe3978384 bytesMD5: aa73433c25ed355168dbe8fd9d904e6e
23rec_br_19.exe3981992 bytesMD5: 5a96e77efb724a24a5f488c0a4cbf115
24rec_mx_5.exe3978920 bytesMD5: cd5b6942362be76981cbccd9d1b3aca3
25eorezo.exe622592 bytesMD5: 032e0222022db99abfb345164634bba8
26MQI479B4F.exe1040384 bytesMD5: f37625ba3b66eb0f63898a0585cfe848
27U5XKNK7J2.exe1054720 bytesMD5: 34afb4085d6dbd858c1e8ab46f9bd73f
28rec_fr_10.exe3980432 bytesMD5: b78b041b8e4252ed8ca3393e9faa49fe
29rec_br_10.exe3981968 bytesMD5: 8af3cce7bb84edb5180fc864de8d43a3
30rec_br_18.exe3977896 bytesMD5: aef2c26bc941a764e5ff7a1d9e0d5696
31inst.exe6144 bytesMD5: 584b6f3107cd16e9a040d0a2eae9480a
32wizzcaster.exe171008 bytesMD5: f8506fd06bb5b1b12d550b3530f2df22
336J8R7U49D.exe696832 bytesMD5: 531d73b0adee10b9f85a5e07f88e3931
34rec_fr_2.exe3978408 bytesMD5: b277b2a1566a112179e7abc4ca64749c
35G8HOS4PRN.exe847872 bytesMD5: 86889866af070def22bce4a42f10d7e8
36rec_it_1.exe3978408 bytesMD5: f9154ae41cb87e9bb73bd4376dc64545
37rec_pl_16.exe3978920 bytesMD5: d5eca47e62e0722b45b0b964ab109027
38rec_ru_229.exe3966640 bytesMD5: 2b9f35921c8e36cb13b6156658d178a8
39SpeeDownloader.exe954880 bytesMD5: 7592669eb3b744880a87e2dc830d5507
40rec_de_6.exe3978920 bytesMD5: 9ebed871f06394c2d1f57c5c3d08fc59
41rec_gb_2.exe3978408 bytesMD5: 811afca17ec7c6d7d3c014a5f2949cdd
42upospd_us_31.exe3338744 bytesMD5: ce36d905c9cf734a8c1c7d79ccf8d168
43rec_mx_6.exe3978920 bytesMD5: 879a7fd09d3e2cfa17811f2d9c7bab38
44rec_fr_14.exe3978920 bytesMD5: 5e27b95c42931d412812b35b968b39da
45rec_br_2.exe3976360 bytesMD5: e0b2ab1857e4627c7b43b33a3b5cde25
46rec_es_5.exe3977384 bytesMD5: 3cb92955037cff6d5e6c01a028eb122d
47SoftwareUpdateHP.exe368224 bytesMD5: 5ecd3c3b70b6b50f284dbaf6016b2ddf
48WVQ303BU1.exe669184 bytesMD5: 5655718dfc0bd5c216fb60ade8efda8c
49rec_mx_2.exe3976872 bytesMD5: a9d67e837a2bfaf12560b7c3530497e8
50HVHYVTMX8.exe1227776 bytesMD5: 433b7e820a0c022d310a3e7e0573bf46
51rec_ca_5.exe3978408 bytesMD5: 3759fd6e3b708c6710b582ca0fc24009
52LBHPW30HX.exe760320 bytesMD5: 60b00b083eef2129de416bc8d4534515
53PL91BFQZA.exe677376 bytesMD5: 7650b0e8bec60875667d5e3239cb4e6c
54unins000.exe687638 bytesMD5: 5f37213e8e5af465a1becff16e49d4c6
55rec_mx_1.exe3976872 bytesMD5: 0d7650c0269581b99e488b86c7b997cf
56rec_pl_1.exe3977384 bytesMD5: 7fab2b25437abcb5a584e2ecb9db0af5
57rec_br_1.exe3977384 bytesMD5: bd03e00d4430e86f72041849ccfc0e66
58RF2AABX9L.exe1202176 bytesMD5: 3c3f614a9c6b0a0962d09cf0476866d0
59autoupdater.exe671360 bytesMD5: 628989fe4b0c7cc2b4e07713bab51254
60installer.exe2427392 bytesMD5: 7378ea10daa9078e513ac1cb741d988a
61rec_mx_12.exe3978896 bytesMD5: 36ca86b4e9277ed3473d3023fb680bda
62rec_de_2.exe3978408 bytesMD5: 2c4b8244e6c22cb02d0227cddbc88a86
63rec_mx_10.exe3980432 bytesMD5: 8bd085e7d32425691b8657d55b4c5fdd
64rec_br_9.exe3979112 bytesMD5: 936250a88931f3b8774dabfef6b5ea95
65rec_it_5.exe3978920 bytesMD5: 78b5113501fd5ceca0a81ea79144e30d
66AKAX1IURS.exe1216000 bytesMD5: f2c9ea56169bb566da29f4e494f2c516
67rec_be_1.exe3977384 bytesMD5: 5fa2d3041a4335e841e2c91326f97c4e
68rec_fr_6.exe3976360 bytesMD5: c1c8804b57f60a11281ae8ff6a5f8fc2
69rec_pl_14.exe3979432 bytesMD5: d6488471b72661b6ed58f4c93ae69a35
70rec_ca_1.exe3976136 bytesMD5: ea6865577ee5dc13b2119081fcce00b9
71rec_de_5.exe3977384 bytesMD5: db96525f430431f740a627b9f850972a
72rec_es_2.exe3978408 bytesMD5: 883039b94272ee8a2c76ccdf82d0e9ba
73ZS8RY7XYB.exe1226240 bytesMD5: 8ca65f34e2c0f6bd5f821e50903ac613
74BikaQ.exe346624 bytesMD5: f88f3fc36564c774ea1de6492406b84e
75rec_br_12.exe3977872 bytesMD5: fc3ca87273680b419d6307379db8a06a
764DZVRW51S.exe1231360 bytesMD5: d8f36c3165a117c546711b6baedd9890
77rec_ru_231.exe3966128 bytesMD5: 1f96ac41cf2b467174b5dde7502bbce2
78XUKXY8XYH.exe669184 bytesMD5: b5ca6d17e3d04a4a78deb594e660fe80
79rec_fr_5.exe3977896 bytesMD5: 8f8e3878aedac0fac229855e299a3c7a
80RJTV5QE67.exe1040384 bytesMD5: 9138db42e55a42f2954a946ce14170e5
81up.exe2163712 bytesMD5: 34dd2a9bd8f46be3b865692cf38c57b7
82rec_es_1.exe3977896 bytesMD5: f21a7edd81e9219e57dee456b85e6119
83tutoriales100.exe978544 bytesMD5: 06d4fed19763a1b59a018f037e0fb0c2
84rec_br_17.exe3978920 bytesMD5: a18a01a864ea8dfb648255af1af0c578
85WFA8QW92S.exe1221120 bytesMD5: 28b795d1a341738572b1d26ad5650601
861O6KJH2AF.exe1040384 bytesMD5: 47e643cd91fd9649cc2c000a78031e88
87rec_en_228.exe3964592 bytesMD5: f26f83a12772c9af32ef42e92248e8bb
88CI6EDLEQD.exe1250304 bytesMD5: f36cfe326775663442aad9d95285d4bb
89rec_pl_2.exe3979432 bytesMD5: c31092348cf3ebf7b5bf891b257a076a
90WeLoveYou.exe2175488 bytesMD5: 7d302e6f2bae5c86e270dbf9d6e4ec17
91rec_br_6.exe3978920 bytesMD5: fe249dcae4b0a8308d6e035c337432d2
92rec_es_12.exe3978896 bytesMD5: d0d8bf455117e2bed994ec04849e5c7f
93mbot_br_73.exe3978696 bytesMD5: 5cee46455186240b1cd6ad7303c77531
9476NHD3Q01.exe1079296 bytesMD5: 17d3398c4b52f09726cb2e8225e44c7d
95rec_br_4.exe3977896 bytesMD5: 558a4d5023f602b38e68e24344006776
96rec_br_15.exe3976360 bytesMD5: cd03b88c2d25a26f43a7a8ba43237796
97rec_ru_228.exe3965616 bytesMD5: 272287a0a52aeba9ab9d96fe86685a36
98upmbot_br_73.exe3336696 bytesMD5: 9c569346121e58bd79b29f0cc00e4fab
99rec_mx_14.exe3978408 bytesMD5: 4977b290bde88f031efebf9b5ab7dd27
100rec_br_11.exe3985040 bytesMD5: 0f67c8e1206987850386cd0841a881d4


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