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Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder is a browser extension enabling users to search for videos, clips, and movies. The extension is compatible with the Chrome browser and is categorized as a potentially unwanted application (PUP) because of the way of distribution. The application has its official website and is also available on the Chrome Web Store, which now, unfortunately, does not guarantee that that the program you have  selected is safe to use.

If you do not remember installing this application yourself, you have probably had it installed alongside some other program. The PUP Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder could be bundled with other programs as an additional, or optional, program, so do not get surprised if you ever find some other questionable programs installed without notification or your permission.

The Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder extension makes some undesirable changes on the browser to supposedly enhance browsing experience, but, in fact, that is done to monitor the user so that the data gathered can be used for various purposes. It has been found that when a search is done through the browser's address bar, the search term is redirected to the server[SEARCH QUERY], the function of which is to collect information about the user. Immediately after redirection, the search results from Google are loaded, and it is highly possible that not all users would notice this change. If you do not want any third party associated with the PUP to collect information about your preferences, take action to remove Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder from the computer as soon as you can.

Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder may seem a handy search tool, because it offers you quick access to various YouTube videos as soon as you type in your search term into its search box and hit Enter. However, to provide you with relevant search results, it redirect the search term to and only when generates search results. In fact, you can access the same YouTube results by visiting the YouTube website directly. You can easily add the page to the browser bookmarks and use the website directly, without being monitored by any questionable third party.

The Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder browser extension records not only your preferences, but also other information related to your browsing. By agreeing to install Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder you enable the extension to access your information on different websites, and allow to record your search terms. That implies that if you use your personality identifiable information as your search terms, third parties can easily disclose your identity, and, for example, provide you with targeted advertisements. Targeted advertisements include pop-up ads delivered your browsers and targeted email ads, which might be filtered out by the email service. Advertisements may vary in their purposes, one of which may be to take you to an infectious website, so you should always be careful when faced with questionable online ads.

Furthermore, the Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder extension may cause the installation of another extension named Forecast Mate Chrome, which provides a 5-day forecast based on your geographical location.

In order to prevent the installation of such programs, it is highly advisable to pay attention to the terms of use displayed once the software installer is launched. If you want to install a new program that you have never heard of, it is worth checking its reviews. However, you should bear in mind that some reviews may be written by the software creators themselves. For example, the reviews of Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder on the Chrome Store page are written on November 5 and November 7, 2017. Interestingly, no other dates are present, which suggests  that the reviews might not be authentic.

It is also important to keep the operating system protected by a reputable malware and spyware prevention tool. If you want to keep PUPs, ransomware, browser hijackers, adware programs, and many other threats at bay, give  your online security top priority and always keep the system shielded.

To stop the Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder extension from monitoring you, remove it from the browser right now. You can do so by using the removal instructions given below, or you can implement our recommended security tool to have Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder removed for good.

How to remove Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder

  1. Click the three-dot button.
  2. Select More tools and click the Extensions option.
  3. Uninstall the unwanted extension.
Download Remover for Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder Screenshots:

Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder
Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder

Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1manifest.json1582 bytesMD5: 7d8dc6975b9f006a87469fdbafaa2367
2computed_hashes.json3331 bytesMD5: fbcbf938ddfef9e5c7c0b91684009299
3index.html2990 bytesMD5: b07c15fd1b28e458bcc120853f74b558
419.png892 bytesMD5: 03cdcc20aa00a80ba814861cdbbf97b0
5style.css5389 bytesMD5: 079cbabfa0120be3af8f2e27cc35200f
6open.png86 bytesMD5: ed007a0ec91f3c732481e7c6032530ca
7top_bg.png120484 bytesMD5: 03b9b2e5596280c142e1c67cc7a1cdc7
8bg.js2144 bytesMD5: 375d278f9cd5b56c73008970e6b3a3cd
9128.png8535 bytesMD5: c9c618eea4c2d4397b6a6af704e8a9a5
10content.js191 bytesMD5: 2015ad63e517527184068dc3dff4e546
11verified_contents.json2761 bytesMD5: e89c909d96245f06d974a672150dafd2
12jquery.min.js85660 bytesMD5: 439b16301fd7737850f1d5e183339091
13main.js490 bytesMD5: 88ab92f3ccbf17b928d046d567c5b804
14close.png1109 bytesMD5: 711bd5d5d60664da4a66f0392018b701
15messages.json275 bytesMD5: 46a7d5c09dfb64e499b798822859f7ba

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