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Video Ads Blocker may show up in your browsers after you install questionable free software bundles. This browser extension seems to work in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Unfortunately, this extension may pose a threat to your virtual security because it may start redirecting you to questionable promotional websites or show potentially unreliable third-party ads. Since we cannot claim that this application means direct and serious danger, we have categorized it as a potentially unwanted program, or PUP. Do not be mislead by this category though because there are risks involved that can indirectly cause more serious system security problems for you if you leave this PUP on board. Another unfortunate possibility is when you do not install this PUP knowingly or from untrustworthy sources, there could be more serious malware threats on your system that entered your computer along with this extension. We suggest that you act now and remove Video Ads Blocker but it is up to you how you decide. It is certainly worth reading our full article before you make up your mind about this PUP.

We have found that this YouTube ad blocker may have been around more than three years now. Its original promotional webpage, now seems to redirect to, which does not promote this same browser extension anymore. The new official page you can find at This is a very simple page that lets you install this tool directly. There are two other official channels through which you can install this useless PUP: the Mozilla addons site at and the Chrome web store, at You need to understand that just because you can find this PUP in these stores it does not necessarily mean that it can be trusted. But we also understand that you do not yet see why you should delete Video Ads Blocker from your browsers so let us go on.

Unfortunately, this PUP can also be found spreading in free bundles, which means that if you download this bundle from questionable file-sharing sites or by clicking on unsafe third-party ads, chances are it is filled with PUPs and malware infections as well. This is how you can infect your computer with adware programs, browser hijackers, Trojans, fake alerts, and more in one single go. Therefore, we recommend that you forget about shady torrent and freeware pages to download free software from because you can infect your system with such a lot every time as these pages mainly promote questionable third-party installers, not to mention the third-party ads on these sites, which can also infect you with multiple threats. Also, remember that when your system is infected with malware, you are much more vulnerable to cyber attacks and exposure to malicious content. This is why it is important that you scan your PC with a trustworthy malware scanner right after you delete Video Ads Blocker.

This questionable browser extension claims that it blocks advertisements while your are watching YouTube videos. Yet, our tests show that it is more likely that it will show you potentially harmful third-party ads, promote other questionable software, and redirect you to potentially unreliable websites. These ads can be pop-ups, banners, and in-text ads in general. These are not only annoying but can also put your system security at risk if you engage with them. For example, you could be redirected to malicious pages or download infections or bundles of infections in the background. You can easily become a victim of an online scam if you land on an unfamiliar malicious page that could be a fake online shop, for instance. You might lose your money or even your identity if you are not careful enough. Cyber criminals could commit online crimes using your personal details. Although these are really worst case scenarios, we believe that it is important that you do not even give them a chance to show up in your virtual world. Therefore, we recommend that you remove Video Ads Blocker from your browsers as soon as possible.

The good news is that this PUP can easily be eliminated by removing the extension from the infected browsers. If you do not know how to do this, please use our guide below this article to assist you. Do not forget about the rest of the possible threats that can be still endangering your system. If you do not act now, you could risk further infections, system security issues, program crashes, and so on. It is possible that you cannot identify and erase all malware infections and PUPs on your system manually. If so, we advise you to invest in a professional anti-malware program, such as SpyHunter. But remember to keep all your programs and drivers updated, too, if you want to keep your system safe.

How to remove Video Ads Blocker from browsers

Google Chrome

  1. Press ALT+F.
  2. Select More tools.
  3. Choose Extensions.
  4. Locate Video Ads Blocker and click on the trash can icon.
  5. Press Remove in the pop-up.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+A to open the Add-ons Manager.
  2. Stay in the Extensions panel.
  3. Select the unwanted extension.
  4. Press Remove.
Download Remover for Video Ads Blocker *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Video Ads Blocker technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1yNJLOtvc7k.dll291280 bytesMD5: 820c50a156ab930c3e4150bada9530b3
2t6BzaRlo_.dll854528 bytesMD5: d6daa744ee629e6801e2c023e2edb2b9
3wi3us34.exe189322 bytesMD5: 73a881a1e26c1f767e144e2ab4b62b3a
4XBGDO0FJ.dll261256 bytesMD5: 0830c639d892ccd926576db74f0d63da
5iUb69YUkkj.dll304744 bytesMD5: 9c734fe2b4b2197fb7a18c08c2c3ebfa
6tDxm30lt_.dll1039360 bytesMD5: e385e39cb18532bb2f810b83fa6d73bd
7gJWSxC9eVHQd7B.dll565248 bytesMD5: 7a5302917237f00a78ea0c0ee16f626f
8Ax8rjrC.exe146896 bytesMD5: 247840e987ece563664e4aea96a14383
9YNMdI1B75P.dll291792 bytesMD5: 8716de8c487262e2b5106e922ec6292a
10lypmAOy6Fq.dll290256 bytesMD5: fde9d877c4a2cc243053f9b0d577b780
11FhJ6jov.dll319904 bytesMD5: 3c74ffb8e2af586b9032f1da792c06c2
12BRhlaCX.exe189362 bytesMD5: 0ea6723791f9f2154936a396c7a27408
13VtqZAHM0wT.dll395216 bytesMD5: c25711ab86209964f96f1d7158f36527
1493MpBXd.exe109995 bytesMD5: d18f5accbed43233568f4806639733fd
15zC8s4PSbnr.dll291792 bytesMD5: 8fdc5b118b4f7db404384d5d8f913035
16J2Q9dyM.dll310416 bytesMD5: b1bc9bbc0c19fc25a097a71b818a8f7c
17U0W7NMdTMs.dll291280 bytesMD5: 2a94fffffcba4440ee9314b28ee2f1b4
18Q5heKv.dll259024 bytesMD5: b800441080f17f94d1e60847cb34001d
19O8SNRxHxKk.dll453072 bytesMD5: 0547abe459db1077cfb2dcbee2dff8ba
20jria3vAaMs.dll298568 bytesMD5: 3e9b7d612dc94980bafcee058c295571
21scznD2K4bY.dll301864 bytesMD5: ada6b019e13db8013ab3f7fae725613f
224wFTMRd.exe144848 bytesMD5: 8d91e202cb3bab8c44a52f877ae39239
23nDMJPLBelp.dll291280 bytesMD5: 11c40b082ed554f2af3049eb40f71e5e
24NqW6XLCruM.exe344016 bytesMD5: d4ca3eb857ffe2a8cbc6d03dd60272a6
25JbkZgjYIVZinfX.dll639488 bytesMD5: 9c94f414c1ed373ad0a5185d1b691a38
26y5nZjNs.exe200074 bytesMD5: 14e5b8dbd931526a6a69c72ae43ccaa6
27kapklne.dll883712 bytesMD5: 6e42599c58c12a33879dbbfda65b0971
28Lw5ju5x.exe106496 bytesMD5: 5c88d192308a86f13899ec94ef7ce863
29DKeF3_S29o.dll291792 bytesMD5: 62a3fb6f336540b310221ddb6021d26a
30ZZXYN3FH.dll259536 bytesMD5: 441b80576428ce5d096984662dcd06d6
31jBQHs5Eo5VFHaG.dll564224 bytesMD5: cf7674bda977b55a8c7c7f8f090c8fbf
32QtxeL2fhpb.dll453072 bytesMD5: bb7898f7c7db3835b3840a7a902a30ca
33uemm8zGL.dll424432 bytesMD5: bf89c0e126786e1a7b6b1ba2906973e8
34FMOZzJ6jnE.dll308312 bytesMD5: e727cf0f0f5630927466413694143212
35jEs8QWWhRR.dll299608 bytesMD5: 1cc27accaa46fd05d3ec7da0e196da3d
36RLumr6CDEQrV81.dll763904 bytesMD5: 5b969e724bac51c6a46253eb2fbef258
37tN_Lakk.dll1039360 bytesMD5: c83074be21275f273dfba841faa0abea
38vVIXk3WjiX2HLA.dll565248 bytesMD5: 5ea5a7421e9baad1872288c00dc9d5ba
39AMNHQjJm9S.dll316712 bytesMD5: 92f9f700ccc7263db6bd430456f13471
40U41WFnl5x2.dll292816 bytesMD5: ac1b112a44f79a3fcac3d893cc7b3f38
41tlPj0b2.dll549376 bytesMD5: 925ab474579109c28328ebc62aeb7404
42FUSxRxk.dll412416 bytesMD5: efae169564cd217c977c408928cfa933
43Nxg60kzU5B.dll290768 bytesMD5: bb546625faeca9139a91500a3d271d9b
44KQDFkzd.exe106496 bytesMD5: 5faf2a77a4f6c9d0536d09cfe52d3296
458MCfWYo7Sk.dll291280 bytesMD5: 7e8d24e8c6c3337f9186dad1fdcedd94
46WZlldlpC1J.exe332752 bytesMD5: dccb1f9e360faeec2e2368e3bc728667
47dUAAY2y9PsD3Jm.dll565248 bytesMD5: 84a83cf88ab91a7b6dc7cd749d83d3a8
48Whld7R6.exe143480 bytesMD5: bf10226f873dfcb6f1429258ddeebe41
49PT6_mjqG.dll259024 bytesMD5: 1d40f39129a93fed04a99b2886e15950
50NqW6XLCruM.dll291792 bytesMD5: fe1982611350136ba5e5e37d70f77ca3
51b9OqZfFOh7.dll298960 bytesMD5: ac476ee4fe466e106917aa44643f608b
52knUAhf4IxRqMFH.dll584192 bytesMD5: 301cd25135d596dcbcd52b16bb418268
53g5PqjYLEN9l5gd.dll557056 bytesMD5: 317ea20993eea7032b42062cde73d557
54kk8QMbaL.dll463360 bytesMD5: 0cc2599f1c19feb126fb28b03216950a
55CSNLBAjHcb6eKk.dll565248 bytesMD5: d33676d2e97a121ec93be4308cbd7a08
56fUcifnwNdJGUzk.dll565248 bytesMD5: a7707f5a8276ed5dc2c5a8e1384ece01
57TYfDc3.dll261208 bytesMD5: 854b49e863252f467d16868897d576f4
58h3Kc63R.exe200074 bytesMD5: c8bad7ec603c0627faf37db8b555cf19
59XEZDkk9yZr.dll271992 bytesMD5: fd0a43c6b254f612271c3f0e79b4cbe6
60btTCSSjR.dll310360 bytesMD5: d2118c54b004e06b2d9438a86b4afffb
61LCOWNqQ.exe106496 bytesMD5: 4932511eaada6b51b2524a12411f1667
62l7EcylZr.dll307240 bytesMD5: 0ef7ca0848ba5c8e26e2581a13dcc28e
634UNsJSe.exe145360 bytesMD5: 2b033b732d2124c9b8d5636093407854
64zn0nMrB5Jm.dll453072 bytesMD5: 11b4067b2e5e3a10f47e88acf4744b32
65Y3UOQnMA0Y.dll297544 bytesMD5: 14b50b2117e8d8653a9f1abeb7f8c849
66nNuVsVJHwrzUtK.x64.dll561664 bytesMD5: 568e0df9234e280c1eff29543c880a65
676y4sWPnUjH.dll291280 bytesMD5: ef1d66e6697749a2a80303dac1e7e787
68T0dMlEF.exe201650 bytesMD5: 0088e0d27095dde979fe35e32951b54e
693i7pcx.dll308096 bytesMD5: e9e32d39293a72db6f43e0135b5f73a1
70LLdDs1RJgH.dll300456 bytesMD5: bd9840908c69c7426736b35fc1494e8e
71Cc6n1DKrKQ.dll302232 bytesMD5: 5dc159c8d2024b5327a69f5083b1b8dd
72KlthAGthgf8nFr.dll561664 bytesMD5: be26b137e4855340413263336627dab0
73cFsxSEYrUW.dll291280 bytesMD5: c10a00e30edfdb132d616e3edb0ba396
746Y3BLDQ5aV.dll294904 bytesMD5: 6950dcbf0b45e20f3246b993c2d92770
75nD7htHh_1f.dll453072 bytesMD5: 9d8d649a03130821fb605adefedda4d5
7657eboyL2YO.dll455800 bytesMD5: 09bd7d5483c174bfde33c01dd2eb505a
7760tE0LjykbtRzF.dll761344 bytesMD5: fe393669eb6d8272b7bd2441da8fb9d4
78RT2OIMh4m2.dll291280 bytesMD5: 8985a311fffe05ac13b71986c60df529
79OXtjXiw.exe179153 bytesMD5: b2a9767759bc5da896c462fbd40ad269
80yajJaRiWSW.dll407784 bytesMD5: 7e2bfd8ee9d424e61584096243581621
817QI79sb5H6.dll291280 bytesMD5: 33c89540aaaab5d0eaf66c460f209a9c
82FcJMrHW06uNIgD.dll558080 bytesMD5: 83b9f74aac04fae7f424a36846d96085
83Ohd4U276Fo40vo.dll560128 bytesMD5: ec894d8f4217944045eefde435107d09
8487JTcZw.exe158496 bytesMD5: 5f423f2eefff0c0ec8575ebb5477b144
85iYyq2FBZ.dll259536 bytesMD5: f0aac48a0838965d43c7cb542ff0da9d
86MTnKd8i0zgpZnp.dll564224 bytesMD5: 77b9f1460a52009e8cdd227f8384c188
876Lu2ZAVALnMFKG.dll768000 bytesMD5: f329417f9b8cd5561c29d4b1383a02ec
88zXTJmW.dll308856 bytesMD5: ceab0873050674f1806d562b2aab6a97
89zbhA5I2.dll254976 bytesMD5: ed38475baf7cdec03bf8b06559fb881e
90LXLQCy9.dll317232 bytesMD5: 7ec2ce99ec5042306e7b3b6e1ba04bf3
91kKohhvR.dll504320 bytesMD5: 9d8b467055539cc1d6b678b061dc0296
92xVoYhf0mFB.dll397776 bytesMD5: fe58b9971c578cdc1cf88a3ff7a7f89e
93BqM1Zoz.exe106496 bytesMD5: 2332d9cca1564dbf5a3704039806dc18
94mkeGRePmoT.dll292816 bytesMD5: b727d2ec20fd02d5a4a28a758cf8c187
95pPbpdK3apN.dll291280 bytesMD5: 9427431a23c92bd746b8684d3c995861
96KJqsk4h.dll315392 bytesMD5: 85fd78aed6de861d32f4e4b2de722f2d
97uO4zXLTWEE.dll291792 bytesMD5: 923767dd394e077d85a6111cb1a5ee43
9857LcIZA.exe146896 bytesMD5: 610d1f021c1905f540ec3671206f823d
99o6vBn3h3dY.dll290768 bytesMD5: f7141489a3ed4b02b591015628cf7f42
100CvRnrmQK9XW4fc.dll633856 bytesMD5: e6119e14d2cb83af0a6290e7d73128e3


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