Powerful Hidden Tear Ransomware Removal Guide

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Powerful Hidden Tear Ransomware is a new infection based on the engine of Hidden-Tear, open-source ransomware. It is not a very popular malicious application, but it might still infiltrate your computer one day without your knowledge if your system is unprotected and you act carelessly, e.g. open spam emails and their attachments or download third-party software from dubious pages. Ransomware infections do not try to stay unnoticed on users’ computers. In other words, they do not work in the background like some other malicious applications. They strike immediately right after slithering onto users’ computers. If the ransomware infection has already entered your computer too, we are sure you can no longer open the majority of your files. We cannot promise that you could decrypt them if you do not pay a ransom, but it does not mean that you should send money to cyber criminals behind Powerful Hidden Tear Ransomware. What we recommend doing instead is disabling the ransomware infection ASAP. You will not allow it to lock your new files by doing this.

If you have already encountered Powerful Hidden Tear Ransomware, we are sure this infection has locked a bunch of files you have on your computer. Ransomware infections usually do not affect any system files because they could not work on users’ PCs if the operating system is ruined. It has been observed that it encrypts only those files located in %USERPROFILE%\Links, %USERPROFILE%\Downloads, %USERPROFILE%\Music, %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games, %USERPROFILE%\Videos, and other directories that might contain valuable files. It does not lock these entire directories. It searches for files and encrypts only those with specific extensions. The full list of extensions it targets is provided below:

".txt", ".jar", ".exe", ".dat", ".contact", ".settings", ".doc", ".docx", ".xls", ".xlsx", ".ppt", ".pptx", ".odt", ".jpg", ".png", ".csv", ".py", ".sql", ".mdb", ".sln", ".php", ".asp", ".aspx", ".html", ".htm", ".xml", ".psd", ".pdf", ".dll", ".c", ".cs", ".mp3", ".mp4", ".f3d", ".dwg", ".cpp", ".zip", ".rar", ".mov", ".rtf", ".bmp", ".mkv", ".avi", ".apk", ".lnk", ".iso", ".7-zip", ".ace", ".arj", ".bz2", ".cab", ".gzip", ".lzh", ".tar", ".uue", ".xz", ".z", ".001", ".mpeg", ".mp3", ".mpg", ".core", ".crproj", ".pdb", ".ico", ".pas", ".db", and ".torrent"

When the ransomware infection finds valuable files on victim’s computers, it encrypts and marks them all with the .locked extension. Also, it drops READ_ME.txt, which is the ransom note, on Desktop. This file contains a message for victims in English. First, users find out why they can no longer open their files. Then, they are explained how they can get those encrypted files back: “Send Exactly 0.00156 BTC to Wallet ID --> 19GNGp9DSxEfWVeczhjvqvk4qVWv1fX45B Then Email Us at novicehax890@gmail.com to Let Us know.” We know that you need your files back badly, but we cannot say that sending money to cyber criminals is a good solution to the problem because the chances are high that you will not get anything from them. They will not send your money back to you either, meaning that you will suffer double loss in such a case.

A bunch of encrypted files is only one of several symptoms showing that the entrance of the ransomware infection was successful. Specialists say that users might also find a new image set as Desktop background because Powerful Hidden Tear Ransomware downloads a picture from the web, renames it to ransom.jpg, and then goes to set it as a new Wallpaper on Desktop.  Furthermore, it has been observed that Powerful Hidden Tear Ransomware also performs such activities as checking whether the computer is connected to the Internet and sending details about victims to its C&C server (http://universalgrabber.byethost7.com/write.php?computer_name={Victim Computer name}& userName={User name}&password={Private encryption key}&allow=ransom).

Ransomware infections are often spread via spam emails. Of course, users allow them to enter their computers themselves by opening malicious attachments from these emails. Specialists at 411-spyware.com say that the launcher of Powerful Hidden Tear Ransomware might be spread as The Art of Amazon Carding.pdf.exe or The Art of Amazon Carding.exe. Many users do not find it suspicious at all that the attachment has the .exe extension and thus open it fearlessly. Keep away from spam emails and their attachments in the future because you might end up with more sophisticated malware. Also, you should install a powerful security application on your computer too.

You need to delete Powerful Hidden Tear Ransomware as soon as possible. To do this, you need to perform two removal steps. First, kill the malicious process. Second, delete all files linked to this infection. The manual method is one of two removal methods you can adopt to delete the ransomware infection from your system. You can clean your PC with an antimalware scanner too. Unfortunately, these automatic tools are not capable of decrypting files affected by ransomware infections either.

Powerful Hidden Tear Ransomware removal guide

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  2. Open Processes.
  3. Locate the malicious process linked to Powerful Hidden Tear Ransomware and kill it.
  4. Close Task Manager.
  5. Press Win+E.
  6. Type %HOMEDRIVE%\[user] in the URL box and press Enter to open it.
  7. Delete Rand123.
  8. Remove ransom.jpg.
  9. Go to %USERPROFILE%\Desktop.
  10. Delete READ_ME.txt.
  11. Empty Trash.
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