Pc Cleanup 2018 Removal Guide

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Pc Cleanup 2018 is yet another useless and questionable program that claims to boost your PC. We have found this potentially unwanted program (PUP) quite similar to another one called Smart System Care. As a matter of fact, most of these PC optimizers are usually considered as scams by malware researchers since by nature these PUPs are good for nothing really. Even Microsoft does not approve of such programs that claim that cleaning up some unused registry entries and temporary files will make your PC run visibly faster. The usual recipe is that such a program scans your computer for free and finds hundreds of system issues to be fixed. It is quite possible that some or most of these alleged issues are fake or totally useless errors that do not make any real issue. However, when you try to fix anything, you are prompted to buy the full version. We believe that the best solution here is to remove Pc Cleanup 2018 from your computer and install a proper anti-malware program instead that can keep you away from trouble and such potential and malicious threats as well in the future.

You can download this PUP from its promotional website, updatemypcs.com. This website looks very similar to all other PC optimizer pages. We cannot say anything suspicious about it since it all looks legitimate and professional, in all fairness. However, we are convinced that not all users who find this PUP on their system have installed it by visiting this website. It is quite possible that you have not visited it, either. Then, you may wonder how this program ended up on your computer in the end, right? So let us tell you a good reason to delete Pc Cleanup 2018 right away.

The real problem is that this PUP can also be found spreading in software bundles. This means that it is quite likely that you wanted to download and install a different program but, in the end, you ended up with a number of other PUPs installed. What is even worse, such a bundle can also contain malware infections like adware programs, browser hijackers, Trojans, keyloggers, and more. Installing such a package can cause serious and multiple system security issues for you. We advise you to only use official sites to install programs and updates as well. Landing on a questionable unfamiliar file-sharing site after a web search could result in your downloading such a bundle. Even if you do not hit one of the four fake download buttons you may be presented with, you can click on an unsafe third-party ad or disguised content to drop a malicious package. If you want to make sure that you use a secure computer, we recommend that after you delete Pc Cleanup 2018, you run a reliable malware scanner, too.

This PUP seems to work very similarly to all other alleged PC optimizers. It can show you a results list after a system scan that may claim that there are hundreds of issues to fix. Although this software may claim to scan for malware programs and PUPs as well, it will most likely simply list unused temporary files and registry keys. Removing these from your system will not make any changes in the performance of your PC; at least, nothing that you could possibly notice. That is why such a program is usually considered a scam to push you to buy the full version to fix these fake and alleged errors. This PUP costs $23.95, which is a general price for such a tool. But, if you do not want to waste your money on a useless program, we suggest that you remove Pc Cleanup 2018 as a PUP and install a proper anti-malware program instead to safeguard your computer against all kinds of possible threats in the future.

If you are ready to act, you can follow our instructions below this article. After you identify this PUP in your installed programs list in Control Panel, you simply need to double-click on it to run it. This should take care of it and should not leave leftovers on your system. However, we must mention again that there could be other threats on your computer that could be way more serious than this one. Leaving those on board could expose you to further unreliable third-party content, more infections, and more online scams as well as privacy breaches. If you cannot protect your PC against these threats, we recommend that you install a reliable malware removal application, such as SpyHunter. Please, also remember to keep your programs always updated because its better to prevent cyber criminals from trying to gain access to your computer by exploiting outdated security flaws.

How to remove Pc Cleanup 2018 from Windows

Windows XP

  1. Open the Start menu and select Control Panel.
  2. Pick Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Select the application and press Remove.

Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

  1. Tap Win+R and type control panel. Click OK.
  2. Open Uninstall a program.
  3. Select the application and press Uninstall.
Download Remover for Pc Cleanup 2018 *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Pc Cleanup 2018 Screenshots:

Pc Cleanup 2018
Pc Cleanup 2018
Pc Cleanup 2018

Pc Cleanup 2018 technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1finish_apc_fi.ini46090 bytesMD5: a64c465e6441544a2635277c11d97a52
2CoreRepository.dll720520 bytesMD5: 3d544d1ca4f6e3fd80d57449de9b6d95
3japanese_apc_ja.ini35540 bytesMD5: 8aca3f0a3aeb9f27cfe6ccfd9655f87b
4italian_apc_it.ini48368 bytesMD5: 2d6323054b075d4c91732f8c4bb0012e
5english_apc_en.ini49468 bytesMD5: 9e5b5d10ffdce0cbbe67408f4f0655b8
6French_apc_fr.ini50222 bytesMD5: a855083c7daa198f2eced3cf2ddc9a3a
7AppRes.dll21270880 bytesMD5: baa279d2f49a262ef1fb2e2f59ccc156
8unins000.exe1273184 bytesMD5: 605a4167fd0558c1659a6de3f5a1fdfe
9spanish_apc_es.ini50684 bytesMD5: 8470f7f490177429e62355cd79985fbc
10SQLite.Interop.dll1182048 bytesMD5: 6a1a99750f743b2f34950e4efb4250fc
11unins000.dat90277 bytesMD5: cec02acb7226048cee3ab8407806d9c6
12TaskScheduler.dll47456 bytesMD5: a67a8e0f5e41bfd05c82e4104a6c69f0
13HtmlRenderer.dll228192 bytesMD5: 380d680d457f391e02fedae20c20c709
14Dutch_apc_nl.ini46468 bytesMD5: f041bcc572580a7564c99f001a65e494
15danish_apc_da.ini45856 bytesMD5: 3c8af5790fb30e8da3906b06596067df
16german_apc_de.ini47854 bytesMD5: b73cb8f97a18d88ae64301f2d4d7440b
17Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Common.dll636768 bytesMD5: 3fd381c8f513d38c41f07649ecb6b7cb
18swedish_apc_sv.ini44882 bytesMD5: 5c8cfa8a41b5204193decdcc47818340
19pcl.exe.config4693 bytesMD5: df9a45c11c6a09b820140db2fa3dd513
20HtmlRenderer.WinForms.dll66912 bytesMD5: 5fa98797434c1d05ba598ecee80b7c59
21TAFactory.IconPack.dll43360 bytesMD5: f7a755dff24acff8c744588265b37fd2
22portuguese_apc_ptbr.ini47806 bytesMD5: ed90ad6dc00fdc2454efc11bd9bece75
23pcl.exe2269560 bytesMD5: 5ddce0fe8f5c05e4f5bb787e039f9821
24Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler.dll177504 bytesMD5: be5eb0a87e53500b2a810e5007b0d819
25norwegian_apc_no.ini45262 bytesMD5: 091a148972b36eabef378f55ce4058c6
26russian_apc_ru.ini49706 bytesMD5: ba8da842dd3b5f7b01dff3a348da100e
27System.Data.SQLite.DLL297312 bytesMD5: 71f365e4e05c58395da5387861179301
28Interop.IWshRuntimeLibrary.dll55648 bytesMD5: 2d210fd985e7d1e1ad9d7efb33771f23
29unins000.msg22701 bytesMD5: 5f38274fc51ec35b61e925153e26ef1c
30app.ico94222 bytesMD5: 7cfc524fdf23ae8b5806d3e74d3b7fef

Memory Processes Created:

# Process Name Process Filename Main module size
1unins000.exeunins000.exe1273184 bytes
2pcl.exe.configpcl.exe.config4693 bytes
3pcl.exepcl.exe2269560 bytes

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