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If you have the Chrome browser and enjoy trying out various browser extensions, beware of the myGames Start extension, which offers quick access to over 1000 free games. This browser extension is available on the Chrome Web Store, where numerous browser apps are at your reach. Moreover, the myGames Start extension is promoted on the website, which contains some browser built-in applications, such as a calculator, and a few purportedly useful browser extensions. The myGames Start extension is very similar to the extension myTV Search Plus, which is also present on the two websites. The myGames Start extension may also be bundled with other application, meaning that you could install it accidentally without even realizing it. Malware researchers categorize this browser extension as a potentially unwanted program (PUP), which can be removed from the computer by powerful anti-malware programs.

According to the description of the extension, with this browser application, you can play board games, shooting games, and many others. To have all the features offered within reach, the myGames Start extension replaces the startup page with its page, containing links to popular social networking websites and online gaming websites. More specifically, links to specific games are displayed below the search box in the middle of the browser window to be noticed once the browser starts running.

You should bear in mind that you click on those links at your own responsibility. myGames Start only provides you with a chance to have better access to online entertainment, but does not take responsibility for the consequences that follow your interaction with gaming websites. Such websites are very often supported by advertising servers replacing advertisements with new ones on a regular basis. Such websites are also not responsible for the content of display, which sometimes may be inappropriate. Online advertisements are one of the methods of malware distribution, so you should not click on ads offering questionable services or products, because such offers might be aimed at deceiving you into revealing personally identifiable data or installing some program.

By using the search box provided by myGames Start and by interacting with the startup page, you enable myGames Start to collect information about your preferences. For example, you might find that the links to games are replaced with links to the games of your interest. Moreover, do not get surprised if you find commercial offers related to your other searchers that have nothing in common with online gaming.

PUPs are very often equipped with technologies to monitor users' online behavior, which is why such programs are removed from the computer shortly after having been installed.

To prevent unsolicited software installation, it is worth paying attention to a few factors. First, it is crucial to choose only reputable software sharing websites. Second, software developers seek to spread their programs as much as possible, so they bundle their programs with other free programs. Reading the information displayed by the installer is highly recommended so that you can choose what additional program will not be installed. It is also important to read reviews and check the rating of a selected program before downloading it. If you cannot find any testimonials aside from the official website, it is worth considering changing your preference.

Unwanted programs may also be installed without your knowledge and permission, and such stealthily installed programs are usually referred to as malware. Malicious programs  could be kept at bay by ensuring that the operating system and software are up-to-day. Needless to say, anti-malware should also be running on the PC; otherwise, the system remains susceptible to Internet threats of different complexity.

The myGames Start extension does not have qualities typical of malware, but it may cause some incontinence and inhibit smooth Internet browsing. If you do not find the myGames Start extension useful, remove it from the browser and make sure that such an incident does not take place again in the future.

Below you will find a removal guide that should help you remove the myGames Start extension manually, but our team strongly recommends relying on anti-malware so that the system can be fully checked and malicious files removed for good.

How to remove myGames Start

  1. Remove the folder bhkkmmnbelbkgjbdieomdangdbajmkjlin the following directories:
    • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions
    • %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions
  2. Access the directory %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default and find the files Preferences and Secure Preferences.
  3. Open the files and delete the string bhkkmmnbelbkgjbdieomdangdbajmkjl or delete the whole files.
Download Remover for myGames Start Extension *
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myGames Start Extension Screenshots:

myGames Start Extension
myGames Start Extension
myGames Start Extension

myGames Start Extension technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1dontlike.png1251 bytesMD5: 53e9b9ce5774d0932c9ff7bb5993f581
2icons_CantStopPlay.png7711 bytesMD5: b0b8cae98d2675eb17c19463fdf0b719
3icon128.png6659 bytesMD5: d8788bd4aec17845765b236b820a3014
4btn_hover.png2331 bytesMD5: b000421c7c589129cb8d781bddfe0b49
5crystal-caverns.jpg17938 bytesMD5: 88a51826eafbbe8b400584387b3aa667
6auto_complete.js2627 bytesMD5: ec416d8f0fe6ab5206a801723652ed22
7x.jpg1212 bytesMD5: 4d6abd110b6b9a2a391e12c76a6e0a2f
8icons_add.png1876 bytesMD5: c1a8a52bdf59688fbb9b90b68e23d512
9thug.jpg14950 bytesMD5: 39c9edc8247269ba6ed35ccc61a49b80
10icons_bookmarks.png1313 bytesMD5: c0b36979f7b8ebfcce698b32213af149
11bootstrap.min.js36874 bytesMD5: fb0e635db142b1b9fce20fe2370ec6cc
12icons_pin.png7886 bytesMD5: 40b66ac8092b12ee8ce71aff44c60056
13rocketeer.jpg13535 bytesMD5: 385a8600fc924113ff045bb6c9f425e2
14icons_google.png4504 bytesMD5: a316c2a1a481d54481bd061711597757
15x.png1069 bytesMD5: 31207803e8a85b3df40e6c738a226cfd
16the-empires-2.jpg12321 bytesMD5: 459b070d4e838bbef5c7fc22b78157df
17OpenSans-Regular.ttf217360 bytesMD5: 629a55a7e793da068dc580d184cc0e31
18index.html13028 bytesMD5: 5d63404531bd3d7df1472302def7f86d
19icons_extensions.png1529 bytesMD5: 20e2de412e92cb52819a039d8046578e
20save-me-2.jpg8990 bytesMD5: 70fe5da00acab08e6c428b6f5b3c13b5
21jungle-menace.jpg11717 bytesMD5: e55804be5cc789432afa826f9d048add
22icons_settings.png1565 bytesMD5: 7523d07c43ba9257492063e37b07cd10
23background.js5765 bytesMD5: 92b8698d452fc8b75a00476dcebc923b
24content.js20285 bytesMD5: 31097b1a66724c4dcf32bc530d4f4def
25cow-bandits.jpg18889 bytesMD5: a2746135e7cab88fdd8e76add1cfad21
26crazy-mammoths.jpg18382 bytesMD5: 70dded2e772a5c3d04ac1fd1e0320a4b
27pinch-hitter-2.jpg19850 bytesMD5: 25fa39dcc51f4c8596a4d8e966649642
28like.png1216 bytesMD5: b502ae65a411cde7ef308a667f382eb6
29base-jumping.jpg12094 bytesMD5: 737be01976b18e4fec582ef8aa4f63b2
30btn.png1838 bytesMD5: 066397e06b9f88d549655a451fc82efa
31icons_tw.png7709 bytesMD5: bfec01dd792d4a6dfa997ee5b3fcf29d
32icons_ebay.png4355 bytesMD5: c351ab114c37a4c0e038692f7463b8be
33tutorial.jpg1241641 bytesMD5: 72787ca0b7d1b3d246e94b70c3f4c493
34jquery-ui.min.js240439 bytesMD5: 6a8d2ad2b8a68c521fa71d81dfea6142
35icons_bg.png1979 bytesMD5: b9aa7cd535058d79f981aa7f7d7bacf5
36icons_amaz.png4477 bytesMD5: 46970f5191b6ee37b1a48a4bd72ac912
37x-close.png1035 bytesMD5: 66804f5f667868f5bc2ce7a7384906ab
38jquery.min.js97367 bytesMD5: b2f71c943f2f14613bc100fc3ec59db2
39icons_wiki.png7895 bytesMD5: 87a0c249c1a821ce2e8d45ccb689b65e
40icons_short.png1762 bytesMD5: 903e305af660e08402baa65f580a86f1
41rings.jpg11898 bytesMD5: 293c8e859ae78b8430a76541299f39d0
42icons_youtube.png8208 bytesMD5: 0e5803ab3d68a6fe292be1d8dc06855a
43style.css11893 bytesMD5: 45a7009ad2167377c59c0b3a7f16486c
44icons_visit.png1829 bytesMD5: 3d3bf2b67421c87e4c24e2482bbdffd9
45icons_history.png1472 bytesMD5: 53c26f0867c07598ae84f1860ca60775
46icons_facebook.png7541 bytesMD5: b5e3b6f0d5e9b06e7db6b06e75176152
47share.png1201 bytesMD5: 6680a97725435c258c192ec7ba670453
48icon16.png540 bytesMD5: 51b92cb9f6d124d5f645c3660c30887c
49choppa-poppa.jpg15178 bytesMD5: 42e59bc242b9c12ff85c1180a8720c99
50icons_share.png1769 bytesMD5: 407c3b6dfa74593a892aa4fe1fbd7614
51icons_mycollec.png1700 bytesMD5: 465634870384b7c77465db091d4da078
52icons_refresh.png1761 bytesMD5: 882a229827bb55aef3caf8915430f5f0
53manifest.json1211 bytesMD5: dbe4a41d363f45ad152bae0b45c037cf
54computed_hashes.json32271 bytesMD5: d58a11eea583aa94ca42a441134878ce
55help.png1239 bytesMD5: 46393f739b731802eb71af1cf382c1f2
56icons_downloads.png1312 bytesMD5: 3da90011aa964905b31b64ceed64fde1
57blobbit-push.jpg15877 bytesMD5: 7f20d141438c94a6f83c878e52a2bb0c
58icons_gmail.png4219 bytesMD5: cdcdfa5aea51ef40b121f19bce84e71a
59icons_yahoo.png8010 bytesMD5: 64630f2167f885968df204d7619836c5
60urban-basketball-shots.jpg15483 bytesMD5: de54230d8dbfa88528a9128d17e090f8
61metro-siberia.jpg10078 bytesMD5: 0450612a6677b259e834b2b3f865f726
62icons_link.png7571 bytesMD5: 06ea345bb55933e540140a2142af2357
63icons_mixmovie.png3991 bytesMD5: b5a78f751ca43b7d6b5b98b43b3a298f
64icons_inst.png7617 bytesMD5: 80b8e9ccfae3eb3515d26a6fbac3e5e4
65verified_contents.json9716 bytesMD5: d528d7d5d92e2fef7aebb68c70bc5486
66tank-2008.jpg9245 bytesMD5: 1760743074227200f4b01275800b552c
67lawnmower-racing-3d.jpg12793 bytesMD5: 35f01165ec9d6e3f3132990596da8c2a
68jumpt-to-sky.jpg15706 bytesMD5: be40f2834f8949517024aa0f596c9e80

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