MusixLib Removal Guide

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MusixLib is a Google Chrome browser extension users can install from the Chrome Web Store ( or its official website ( People install this piece of software expecting that they could play albums of their favorite artists for free. We cannot blame them because MusixLib promises to give users unlimited access to music for free. In addition, it promises to enable users to perform web searches more conveniently. Of course, not all people install this add-on consciously. Some of them claim they have nothing to do with its installation, and, to be frank, we believe them because research carried out by researchers working at has clearly shown that it might travel bundled. MusixLib acts the same in all the cases, no matter users install it voluntarily, or it affects users’ browsers without their knowledge. Our specialists do not consider it very beneficial software and have even decided to categorize it as a potentially unwanted program (PUP), but you are the only one who needs to decide whether or not it can stay installed. Of course, we hope that your final decision will be to get rid of MusixLib.

It might seem that MusixLib is extremely beneficial software, but it is not what it seems to be, we can assure you. All it does is setting a new homepage and New Tab URL on users’ Google Chrome browsers. The page set contains quick-access buttons opening websites that belong to third parties. On top of that, there is a search box in the middle. All these websites can be accessed by typing their URLs in the web browser’s address bar, so you do not need to have MusixLib installed on your computer to be able to open them. The chances are high that this piece of software will also gather information about you if you keep it installed. Your search queries will be recorded as well if you use the search tool MusixLib promotes to perform web searches. Luckily, potentially unwanted applications cannot access any details that are considered sensitive information, so this piece of software should not cause you privacy-related problems. Of course, it does not mean that it is a very good idea to keep it active because it might disclose recorded information (e.g. links you click, websites you enter, and a bunch of technical details about your PC) to third parties. We do not try to convince you here that MusixLib is harmful malware because it is not; however, we still cannot let you keep it because it is not fully trustworthy software.

If you have discovered MusixLib listed in the add-ons manager, it means that you have installed this piece of software from its official website or the Chrome Web Store. On the other hand, it could have affected your Google Chrome browser without your permission after slithering onto your PC unnoticed. According to our researchers, this piece of software might travel bundled with other programs. There are hundreds of suspicious applications that are promoted the same, so you should never skip installation steps quickly when installing new software downloaded from the web and, on top of that, make sure you read all the information provided for you so that you could notice these “additional offers.” If you do not trust yourself very much, you can prevent untrustworthy software from entering your system by enabling security software on your computer. It is one of the easiest ways to prevent untrustworthy applications from slithering onto the computer unnoticed, so the sooner you acquire and install it on your PC, the better.

No matter how MusixLib has appeared on your computer, it should be removed as soon as possible because it is known to be a potentially unwanted program. These are not real threats, but they might still act in an undesirable way, so it would be best not to keep them active on the system. The MusixLib removal should not be complicated at all because it can be erased using the extensions manager. Of course, if it is the first time you are going to remove a potentially unwanted program from your computer, you should use instructions you will find right below this paragraph. Potentially unwanted software can be erased with an automated malware remover as well. You need to decide upon the removal method you are going to adopt yourself.

MusixLib removal guide

Google Chrome

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Select More tools from the menu.
  4. Open Extensions.
  5. Select MusixLib and click the Remove button.
Download Remover for MusixLib *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

MusixLib Screenshots:


MusixLib technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1jqueryui.min.js228013 bytesMD5: c1e83e4d225186ec057ea9eb18742dea
2icon_twitter.png2645 bytesMD5: f92b94e7bfa68e1b5a3691a9c42c1405
3background.js3980 bytesMD5: 8f8ce359016f8905488c555613868920
4jquery-1.9.1.js277978 bytesMD5: a6a93ead857e8b01f2c6294949b4062f
5icon_espeedcheck.png3102 bytesMD5: 0bf58bfe27726fc968a11e7916715c9c
6icon_facebook.png2212 bytesMD5: f72be4585b9f4d7a1ea8e59495e6c06e
7rock.png38678 bytesMD5: 83f1559c5070cf6b4ec00fe679c43c47
8icon_amazon.png2387 bytesMD5: a71c46c2adadd8db7e4f7e5d345d3432
9icon_linkedin.png2681 bytesMD5: 0e6eded65362c77ee4b24fd1df233195
10jquery.min.js93104 bytesMD5: 52e798fa363010f95feed65def07037b
11manifest.json1137 bytesMD5: d1750063036fcd9f737250ccbf3f6e67
12content.js5260 bytesMD5: f6a9ae2473975394d35c04fb3d1a1cac
13auto_complete.js2523 bytesMD5: 7da4903100ec2dae7346d8da7d678cfb
1416x16.png1376 bytesMD5: 85f87cb0a0bf14afb820256505b29714
15electro.png24754 bytesMD5: 9b2ba1ebff639e4624880ca9f9c5e2f0
16pop.png28281 bytesMD5: e07770a6b090b8c76bbf01a33fdfdcf6
17icon_musixlib.png2940 bytesMD5: 206c5dd6878b463de531bfc716ac28cd
18bootstrap.min.js35607 bytesMD5: 5dcb19dbdb18d04b1007be864a85cd13
19icon_wikipedia.png2248 bytesMD5: e0f39e8fe25695ba45f840b1038ad0af
20icon_instegram.png2585 bytesMD5: 127a10837fae461e2315ee451a4ec3aa
21verified_contents.json4873 bytesMD5: 39f84db8aedf7934185e5317460af8aa
22icon_gamil.png2571 bytesMD5: 7175026080de15c4ae59ccc38e0632f9
23index.html10762 bytesMD5: f6dfcef46111ee3f1b1fd0127b12b53d
24logo.png4959 bytesMD5: bf11db15876a4bbc8c9004df381abdae
25icon_pintrest.png2872 bytesMD5: ce356a79eac034737f6411d9406807cd
26icon_youtube.png3133 bytesMD5: 693245f69e179df214b8e92bf85cfc93
27dance.png44793 bytesMD5: 2198807ae2ce40de923d533372e48f0c
28icon_yahoo.png2734 bytesMD5: 18dd9f34f9013bbad57f4743805ac1ff
29computed_hashes.json12646 bytesMD5: c0506772723ea28c1e118b62f44273ab
30icon_ebay.png2446 bytesMD5: 6f8f9782bc34c71eb8ccfc509b11f21e
31jazz.png19203 bytesMD5: a6fffd7d098fed9616382cd932984487
32classic.png23964 bytesMD5: 2c79765ff77c0e487db5034bfb2245c4

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