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Magala is a new Trojan infection that is indeed a so-called “clicker” that generates false web traffic to promoted sites. This Trojan can be linked to Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc who is mainly responsible for creating bad toolbars, i.e., potentially unwanted programs, including OnlineWorkSuite Toolbar and OnlineMapSearch Toolbar. This malware infection uses such a toolbar featured search website to generate clicks through certain hard-coded search queries. While this may not cause too much threat to you personally and directly, it certainly uses some of your system resources and Internet band width. This Trojan seems to affect only your Internet Explorer browser, so if you use it for web search, you may end up on a possibly modified search results page that can actually pose a threat to your virtual security. We recommend that you remove Magala and the related toolbar as soon as possible not to endanger your computer.

You may not even realize that this Trojan has managed to slither onto your system because it usually happens without your knowledge or conscious permission. As a matter of fact, we have found that it mainly spreads via freeware bundles. Just because you may find MapsGalaxy Toolbar or any other related bad toolbars from the Mindspark family or as your default search engine, it does not mean that you are necessarily infected with this Trojan. You can download such a bundle easily after you click on a corrupt third-party ad or link while browsing the web. This content could be generated by suspicious websites you are visiting or by adware programs that infected you previously. No wonder why it is important that you try to avoid suspicious websites, clicking on third-party ads, and having infections on your computer. To tackle the latter, we suggest that you run a reliable online malware scanner on your system after you delete Magala from your computer and then, scan your PC regularly to be able to keep it clean.

You can easily infect your system with a malicious package if you try to download free files from shady file-sharing pages, for example. These pages often promote questionable third-party installers that may pack a number of malware infections on top of a possibly legitimate free program. This is how a lot of unsuspecting computer users infect their system with adware programs, browser hijackers, Trojans, keyloggers, fake alerts as well as potentially unwanted programs. You need to be very cautious with other websites too that promote all kinds of flashy and annoying third-party ads, including gaming, gambling, and porn-related pages mainly. Although it is possible that you can filter out most of the unsafe ads but what about those that do not even look like commercials? What if a third-party ad could pose as a download or navigational button on a page? What if it could be disguised as a system notification? You may click on such content and infect your system right away. The truth is, no matter how this threat ended up on your computer, we suggest that you detect all possibly risky programs related or unrelated and take care of them after you remove Magala.

This Trojan was designed to generate clicks on search results to drive web traffic to certain websites. This alone would not cause any harm to you apart from using some system resources. However, this Trojan installs a potentially unwanted program, i.e., a bad toolbar from Mindspark that could be, for example, MapsGalaxy Toolbar and sets as your default search provider as we have already mentioned. Then, it can use this search engine to run some pre-programmed searches, such as “phone systems for businesses,” “top injury lawyers,” “auto accident injury attorney,” and “truck accident lawyer texas,” and more. All this, of course, happens behind your back and you will not even realize what is going on. This Trojan automatically clicks on each of the first 10 links on the results page in every 10 seconds.

This search engine may also present to you modified search results on, which may include potentially unreliable third-party ads and sponsored links leading to questionable sites. If you click on corrupt content, you may directly drop infections or get redirected to fake websites on new tabs operated by cyber criminals. Landing on malicious pages is always risky because if you do not realize it in time, you may be scammed by crooks. If you do not want to lose your identity, your money, or simply get infected with more malware programs, we recommend that you delete Magala from your PC.

The first step in eliminating this Trojan is to restore your home page setting in your Internet Explorer browser. Then, you need to locate and delete the folder that was created by this Trojan when it installed the bad toolbar. Please follow our instructions below this article if you want to tackle this threat on your own. As we have explained, it is essential that you make sure that no infection or potentially harmful program remains on board if you want to use your computer securely. Therefore, we advise you to consider installing a reliable anti-malware program, such as SpyHunter or any other you may find powerful enough for your needs.

How to remove Magala from your browser

Internet Explorer

  1. Press Alt+T to open the Tools menu.
  2. Select Internet options.
  3. Choose the General tab and click Use default.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Press Win+E.
  6. Locate the undesirable Mindspark folder in %LOCALAPPDATA% and delete it. (This could be named MapsGalaxy, FlightSearchtooltab, or MyTransitGuide.)
  7. Empty your Recycle Bin.
Download Remover for Magala *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Magala technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1elbarsvc.exe36864 bytesMD5: b8cd9b134a4d554af3769b768e07e2a5
2AppIntegrator64.exe548936 bytesMD5: f6dc4156b10629b1bcb37152d3523326
3v4bar.dll693648 bytesMD5: 77dfc08831c1b275c6d39f4a73f5693b
4p5svc.exe35472 bytesMD5: 32dfcd93d3d468d2e75fd330812480de
5aabarsvc.exe90696 bytesMD5: 89ad1dc36475fe0703bb60e7a9ff55d7
64ebarsvc.exe36864 bytesMD5: 54fcb52e02a77102c2faffeda7dd61fd
789brmon64.exe71752 bytesMD5: 271beab1b2dbdb792047e869846f4089
8qvbrmon.exe27648 bytesMD5: 0f472e8e5bb1f83bbcb548b5e7951d33
92bbrmon.exe27648 bytesMD5: 112f233a49edd13f0c68843c8ec0c479
107iSrcAs.dll139336 bytesMD5: 580bda1caa4dc12fa37b665540cd13b3
11M3SRCHMN.EXE34336 bytesMD5: 864a139fbd7beb081a68c8370c5cfdca
12jfbrmon.exe20480 bytesMD5: 1357c42e35ff95c2dc66171a57cb564a
13p5ScrCtr.dll322096 bytesMD5: da4d621f7913a241945e046d3ae35326
14CrExtP39.exe1292432 bytesMD5: 7edafac1518da60b6da06d68affda75f
1528brmon.exe20480 bytesMD5: e2db62956b14ceefb7b33987c7ce610f
164gbrmon.exe27648 bytesMD5: 4b87e3fcbe62dc51fa5ec2b832145d7a
170emedint.exe26712 bytesMD5: 029c0e3f7838f1242d6abda32f66a321
1864brmon.exe26568 bytesMD5: 9952a5f214e08e76e42fca22c57185c7
19gtbarsvc.exe28766 bytesMD5: ab29d528a5948b041635c25a352cf5eb
208hbarsvc.exe90696 bytesMD5: ffd653d00e906c0f51462b833d61c12d
210gbrmon.exe26584 bytesMD5: ad9d38458a40b5adaad1a979fdee2c97
22v4brmon.exe26560 bytesMD5: 043e41268df71069404afb5cdbe999a2
237imedint.exe12872 bytesMD5: afb7164d26ec83773352b226b9b80bb9
247ibar.dll711824 bytesMD5: d9cedecee31aba1ec804c24f67bf521c
25aamedint.exe12872 bytesMD5: 9d22a2837c2f8af5699bca1690f212d8
26dbbarsvc.exe89432 bytesMD5: 508fd48593940fce62b928195ec0ed03
2764barsvc.exe34856 bytesMD5: 62d9cf8bd5bdb7cc3f3e8d21f4440066
2857bar.dll697744 bytesMD5: 0087835a349c537e79583d41252915fb
2928SrcAs.dll53248 bytesMD5: 27eab7024ae16cf4573d4b742e021adc
30F3SCRCTR.DLL308656 bytesMD5: 3835ce080353193215e97c11a9edac37
31elSrcAs.dll53248 bytesMD5: 19a5cf19cdbe967f1563f414f8e26208
32AppIntegrator.exe421448 bytesMD5: 96f4207170dc6bebf01d41279ecc3969
339pbarsvc.exe89432 bytesMD5: 11ea2ca89981df134a8b5e99f859d75d
340ebrmon.exe26592 bytesMD5: 5fbb7a8a2b7fa61ea68b798d5ec51987
359tbarsvc.exe89448 bytesMD5: 9cc2c31fcb02e4da5dc639448829f8c5
36jfSrcAs.dll49152 bytesMD5: db27bee756f353afe7e3c83d5ccc37c5
370cSrcAs.dll59344 bytesMD5: 86ea586a4df9642820982141e482317f
38qvbarsvc.exe36864 bytesMD5: 36b7efd0679f7088aeb5914c21402182
39dzmedint.exe11600 bytesMD5: 29d1240e6338983d134440c4f190bb58
4069barsvc.exe44752 bytesMD5: 7e06d26fe4b8e771594d22ae7b8ee94e
4114SrcAs.dll59336 bytesMD5: c3a41c1d34ca9c9c75183fcc1c4d77a6
42CrExtP4z.exe1384520 bytesMD5: 27d73232c6171dd137621982724f3406
43b7medint.exe12872 bytesMD5: 4de35f24efb8446518e0586fd54043b8
44gtbrmon.exe20480 bytesMD5: 811b10a007e19621412ba5a2f728d845
452bbarsvc.exe36864 bytesMD5: 228e89b8645c1cd181570a9ff345d0f7
46elbar.dll655360 bytesMD5: 1eefa34bf49fc8ca8f5d48dd434aaac2
470cbar.dll706512 bytesMD5: 4b3c539b90ad9e22a25f1761a9d57944
48PopularScreensaversSetup2.3.50.45.ZRman000.exe2766320 bytesMD5: 9ec1cae698dc0832bbccad119748e11c
492zmedint.exe26688 bytesMD5: 517ab38eab2a70018ca3f9d493596c9d
508hmedint.exe12872 bytesMD5: 299ad4e1ea01ba7ffb8b705f94ad387a
51ybbar.dll655360 bytesMD5: 09705d11fd4f7860fd7fa5a0e022092c
520eSrcAs.dll59360 bytesMD5: ed44b98684a10fb65e9c4b855313ebb0
534pbrmon.exe26552 bytesMD5: 6da806390a7dc3a6ca9208d2357f2939
547dbar.dll675840 bytesMD5: 56f5cb5e662db1d3cb6dfeedf0561e79
554pbarsvc.exe36864 bytesMD5: 76a0be7076647878a883bd476262f6d1
5627SrcAs.dll53248 bytesMD5: b4b45b45db385aaee3b3bff60823b546
572zbar.dll706504 bytesMD5: ae7e282ec00a2b5e538bd2a7ea8d19a1
584gbar.dll702464 bytesMD5: 9f17ac5ce8648c63a126ab3b87447259
59SPYBLOCK.DLL262144 bytesMD5: 022d7161713f894bb7adca751d606f3f
601xbrmon.exe20480 bytesMD5: b8431c8728828b6f5532fbfd7796d225
6164SrchMn.exe38440 bytesMD5: c04e676cda28972d41b85256a8d10483
622zSrcAs.dll59336 bytesMD5: 05d809252363a3c41e3e0a62f36c46a7
634gSrcAs.dll60416 bytesMD5: 6e85228fc58482886571b110e45f75c8
64dzbarsvc.exe89424 bytesMD5: ad3856e65cb5905450695a19d05ba3a1
6527bar.dll675840 bytesMD5: fcb4f8ea231a127a663c517b8562530b
661vbar.dll675840 bytesMD5: f11c6de402dc4c4f1ebce3ffbb2559ca
672bbar.dll702464 bytesMD5: 15a1507f2e69bc8ddb0884103dfefad3
68PriceFinder.exe409440 bytesMD5: 420c2b2f7163457a4b079624e3aadce0
69qvbar.dll675840 bytesMD5: d00ff0c8f404918537820aeab0d28cc8
704pbar.dll702464 bytesMD5: 099edf5a3b65f2a7adb9ccc00b290c08
7139brmon.exe59616 bytesMD5: ed3079df4345fbc54c5ea704e47ea1b2
720gbarsvc.exe34872 bytesMD5: 54f3193ed58484a68beabd3f5ba78b69
73CrExtP1g.exe1370184 bytesMD5: a39fd864f89f77a3da2679f135ab7a67
7452SrcAs.dll66960 bytesMD5: ddcb76b02fee7015b5f396f43f3ea9e3
7527barsvc.exe28766 bytesMD5: 56624ada930c7e8f47bd65f5dd657885
769pmedint.exe11608 bytesMD5: 1e931d048575ce631bd08a0277348ba7
77ybSrcAs.dll49152 bytesMD5: 03623ebf2da1522bcd6045bb77af7f2a
781gbrmon.exe20480 bytesMD5: 5f48c595102d846339088c80473e006f
79qvSrcAs.dll53248 bytesMD5: 3f7b9004a4b89d7dd1f331efa60c5622
8064brmon64.exe71240 bytesMD5: 49febd5855c7102dff77c01c7527e240
8139SrchMn.exe56032 bytesMD5: 93eda6b664162b322a012670e05e6b38
82dqbarsvc.exe89424 bytesMD5: 08c4f5fe2a3f73a351af44f5f7ff28a4
83PopularScreenSavers.exe133559 bytesMD5: 0cec39ab9f83e884e8b6949dc5e790a6
84CrxRegPatcher.exe56904 bytesMD5: 43b74360476619993367f6a4b2d3c09a
851gbarsvc.exe28766 bytesMD5: 9b5df7343c1eb1a50d22ef452de13dc8
861xbarsvc.exe28766 bytesMD5: dc40f93108ffea9b6179400761963cec
87v3barsvc.exe28766 bytesMD5: 9fc7f9671c1c65221407153be88fd547
88b7barsvc.exe90696 bytesMD5: eb0b3c1577773cb81ebc0a2507fccfdc
8928bar.dll675840 bytesMD5: 100fff78a4766c5475ec4c6ac8e9ead2
904zbrmon64.exe71752 bytesMD5: 565575c26d63ffad0b81bc4eec13a145
910ebar.dll689552 bytesMD5: f2b77ba18cb741c0b924d441c0efef6d
920ebarsvc.exe34880 bytesMD5: ab481173207f85c4678933ef32f04cf8
9339barsvc.exe90648 bytesMD5: 66da1a91e1ed5d59becfad85f53c05f9
944zmedint.exe12872 bytesMD5: 59b38ccfd561682a7ee32d97656fa8fb
95CrExtP7i.exe1308816 bytesMD5: 79b5f60ebf79f813067843c1c90d97f4
964gbarsvc.exe36864 bytesMD5: b0a2c28971aef8c6a1a2fa0d7ef7bf1d
974zHighIn.exe22048 bytesMD5: 635f5e4b01597d0baf2422245c8ff541
98elbrmon.exe27648 bytesMD5: 2eb8d42018320fccc621a7d7b0c80858
99dqmedint.exe11600 bytesMD5: dc21610b2c2f505bcbffa59a1fa4db7c
10028barsvc.exe28766 bytesMD5: 13fe993e87203ff3caba998a3df53c4e


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