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Lite PDF Reader is a free PDF reader application that is probably the worst we have seen lately. This software is so "lite" that it does not even associate with .pdf files. This means that you need to open this application first in order to be able to open a .pdf file. So you can forget about double-clicking a file and have it opened easily. As a matter of fact, we have categorized it as a potentially unwanted program, or PUP. This clearly shows that this software does not cause direct danger to your computer, but there is still a chance that it has questionable background processes and that it may collect information about you that could be shared with potentially unreliable third parties. Since this PUP does not really amaze you with its user friendliness and the lack of options also make it way too "lite," too. It gets even worse if it crawls onto your system while you are installing a free program because it may mean that malware infections also may have entered your system at the same time. All in all, we believe that it is important that you remove Lite PDF Reader from your computer if you plan to keep it clean and safe. But let us share with you what we have found out in more detail.

You can find the official page at, which looks like a nicely done, relatively modern webpage. You can easily download the installer by clicking on one of the "Free Download" buttons, and it also seems to download without being flagged or blocked by security software; well, at least until "the word gets out." But how could you find this page at all? Have you ever tried to run a web search on "free pdf reader"? You will not find this page there among the results of the first pages most likely, and very few people view the second page or beyond as you may know. But even if you go for "lite pdf reader," you may not find any hits relating to this particular PUP. So how on earth people would find this page at all and install this program?

It is bad news though but it this PUP can also be found spreading in freeware bundles. This means that it can be packed with other programs in a bundle and promoted on all kinds of questionable file-sharing websites as well as suspicious websites that host a lot of third-party ads and disguised content. Now, this makes this PUP quite suspicious because it may not always come along with the best and most reliable free programs, and you can bank on it. In other words, what if this application enters your system with a bunch of malware infections, such as adware programs, Trojans, fake alerts, ransomware programs, browser hijackers, and more? Does that sound scary? Well, you should definitely take this seriously because this is how most users actually infect their computer, by downloading and installing freeware bundles. So may want to stay away from suspicious websites filled with third-party ads if you plan to keep your PC clean. In order to make sure that you are safe now, we suggest that you use a trustworthy online malware scanner to scan your system for other threats after you delete Lite PDF Reader.

This PUP says about itself that it "is powerful, small, portable and starts up very fast"; however, this is only partly true. We cannot really call it "powerful" since it does not even associate with .pdf files, which means that you can forget about double-clicking your .pdf files to open them the easy way, as we have already mentioned. In this case, you need to locate and run this software first and use its Open menu or the Open File button to actually open a file. This program is practically so light that it does not even provide you with any options. There is no real menu in fact but a few buttons on a bar. Another questionable thing about this PUP is that it has a service called "LitePDFReaderService" that starts up automatically with Windows, but it does not start the main application ("LitePDFReader.exe"); it starts up "LitePDFReaderServ.exe" whose function and purpose is unknown to us. Since this PUP also discloses in its Privacy Policy that it may collect personal information about you that can be shared with its affiliates, we believe that it is the safest choice to remove Lite PDF Reader from your computer.

Fortunately, you can easily eliminate this poor-quality PUP from your computer if you execute its uninstaller, which you can find in the installed programs list in Control Panel. Please use our instructions below if you are not familiar with uninstalling applications. Since this PUP may be the least worrisome indirect threat on your system, we advise you to go on hunting down threats until your PC is totally free of them. If you cannot do this manually, we suggest that you start using a reliable anti-malware program, such as SpyHunter.

How to remove Lite PDF Reader from Windows

Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10

  1. Tap Win+R and type in control panel. Click OK.
  2. Select Uninstall a program.
  3. Click on the application and press Uninstall.

Windows XP

  1. Access the Start menu and go to Control Panel.
  2. Choose Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Click on the application and press Remove.
Download Remover for Lite PDF Reader *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Lite PDF Reader Screenshots:

Lite PDF Reader

Lite PDF Reader technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1popup_bk.png627 bytesMD5: 7a0e897832b57b0f42cf723bf6e53192
2Print.png217 bytesMD5: 9ca993f5737720b27acecd3486404cca
3LitePDFReaderServ.exe151672 bytesMD5: 0a7fcf1c6973bb179a959a0975743ccf
4ToolText_hover.png14745 bytesMD5: a43662228037bd4ecbc42ef77a5a067b
5BugReportConfig.ini192 bytesMD5: e57b6890f76174a01d40e8fb52894056
6FrameShadow.png720 bytesMD5: db69860ef15e65e50e09da837e3926e3
7MainFrame.xml3084 bytesMD5: 6192ebde81db517c58f9de97599947e7
8FrameShadow.xml237 bytesMD5: e20a63c824af3db0b66ffc8848ba6a43
9n_page_disable.png15193 bytesMD5: ae0590aaa7d23391960ae91b0203e7de
10ZoomIn_pressed.png15360 bytesMD5: 850637e58c12f31bec186298e74315cc
11Rotate_pressed.png15295 bytesMD5: f1d91a9b4e59701e0756f611d98c8583
12bg_tray_menu.png611 bytesMD5: 91d19ee92a59bb66fd9b9c81973ab9c2
13ToolArror_hover.png14890 bytesMD5: 2a2a08e9bb7dfac1db50d1f94baa9558
14btn_restory_pressed.png231 bytesMD5: 80a4a6935b7b0103a9c84ba356933115
15Report.exe328312 bytesMD5: 80c92da73090e433c5c37772f4d5a6d1
16ExitFullScreen_hover.png16705 bytesMD5: ce050f0efabb3078725171706097f0e3
17btn_hover.png236 bytesMD5: 660e1fd7fa4b906645011ca994ddae81
18btn_close_normal.png294 bytesMD5: 92b26ce093a65f020b2b50a31ec31c0a
19PopupTrayMenu.xml1330 bytesMD5: 3b561522e4fd9bfe0663c28320d96c6a
20ToolArror_pressed.png15330 bytesMD5: f829baba554677cd4796de4e3d66ab2e
21ContextMenu.xml5576 bytesMD5: 2c5d3330aad86a09965292eb665bdb9e
22btn_clicked.png233 bytesMD5: ddb7dd33379751919c9cb4aeed218b47
23n_page_hover.png14751 bytesMD5: c60577fdb330e645ffe430fc771ba398
24ScaleArrow.png280 bytesMD5: f401c9c8301a1b5f1f6e479f37a0a531
25PageBk.png559 bytesMD5: 84857cde9811b9596887c6e3a007cba1
26ToolText_disable.png15185 bytesMD5: 0d90cb9c3416f36b751408c5ad8cba08
27sline.png115 bytesMD5: d4317e238e5a4ae600335c58a18659df
28ZoomIn_hover.png14922 bytesMD5: 536a8d25e706d33af47e7f40ee8c36bd
29n_page_normal.png344 bytesMD5: 1999a2a98f289d1942b107046ccaa557
30bookmark_pressed.png15036 bytesMD5: f0d8ebd8ab76d4491e45ab35884bc94c
31CrashUL.exe313464 bytesMD5: 127ef336bbb80fd351055b76499bfa32
32ScaleBk.jpg1077 bytesMD5: 606a0a4f1bafdb1299202f605d3f6995
33FullScreen_disable.png15049 bytesMD5: 35c9091d06acc1b100fe12a3b361f026
34FullScreen_pressed.png15049 bytesMD5: ca9c5ab2fd8c4339382f1d9f7df80cb9
35ico.png2426 bytesMD5: dee6600d77533fdcececd53dfe93d866
36btn_max_hover.png186 bytesMD5: 51ee8ca3a9d1a432b183024d0de8ca27
37btn_max_normal.png186 bytesMD5: 2bf994cda01659acfed92935fcf3f6df
38FullScreen_normal.png204 bytesMD5: 4d6957325c06c6b2e866815afe87aa71
39LOGO.png158 bytesMD5: fe061a22b375478ec883fc2bbfcb6123
40captionbk.png179 bytesMD5: 2b8dc5fea40ab45e28c622cabf13b43d
41exit.png497 bytesMD5: 17f4928b6956c8e402e26886c30dfc97
42btn_min_pressed.png169 bytesMD5: 2f528dc8c601a1510fbd42dbfc9d3749
43Updata.dll575096 bytesMD5: 00e90e4d1b6c60f2a542a6984d60df69
44ZoomOut_disable.png15352 bytesMD5: a446dfe4311071fc1eaa457812965983
45bookmark_hover.png14597 bytesMD5: ba38b846802816e8d35e49b7ffe307f2
46p_page_disable.png15194 bytesMD5: 33be0a755eb1b024da76fd470af3bca3
47btn_close_hover.png272 bytesMD5: e988ee224f7a232fd882dc1104fb34b0
48bg_input_normal.png258 bytesMD5: 35f5f8fe4645ee18ee7c9a5018f6808a
49Rotate_Normal.png444 bytesMD5: 0a82cac8af2379feed64faefe81df897
50btn_max_pressed.png186 bytesMD5: 2bf994cda01659acfed92935fcf3f6df
51bookmark_disable.png15475 bytesMD5: d2586868facd80ec0f16312a4653cf27
52ZoomIn_normal.png518 bytesMD5: fa08fc69ed8b1f78609ccaaefa433f08
53Rotate_hover.png14852 bytesMD5: 6fdb68b2ec3f9b80dcb0dbd4dc16d915
54ZoomOut_pressed.png15352 bytesMD5: ab2262d6f4990d31089f2603477dad5a
55ZoomOut_normal.png515 bytesMD5: bfbc98b44f84db8444c4caa47d78e5ef
56InstallHelper.exe743544 bytesMD5: 69d1a2fef7fde130914a370fee0d3c13
57CrashReport.exe727160 bytesMD5: f80ff8ed89ae54aa184583b91f427ef1
58btn_open_pressed.png14769 bytesMD5: 22ee43ca38494fb83666603bc807159b
59p_page_hover.png14763 bytesMD5: 5853ba1fc9092f1827bac66a7ebc4c44
60btn_min_normal.png139 bytesMD5: c660a6e4a503f1387211ddecc6715c13
61ScalePopup.xml1791 bytesMD5: 6ec9a257f393346efb7833d1b60df45a
62btn_open_hover.png534 bytesMD5: d103ddb2d388c5df7692e635863cf5af
63ToolArror_disable.png15331 bytesMD5: fe84f214d80bad2051feff8ff20a25f6
64LitePDFMenu.dll38520 bytesMD5: 2d47f49a65a5232fb0b3ff6bcd2f98cc
65btn_close_pressed.png246 bytesMD5: d7abdfa72d82c98cc92653b49c03d0e5
66ToolBar.xml6503 bytesMD5: 258f2b6d1584c164f2e7c06eb428a1e7
67updata.ini213 bytesMD5: 2c5c871bdfe3a0f1d24351e3b1bd74f6
68n_page_pressed.png15189 bytesMD5: 0326a1f740d41bbd7f6a240713224d42
69ZoomOut_hover.png14913 bytesMD5: 270ca3bbeb78d9854b03b82533237773
70Error.png2156 bytesMD5: 29c9626a2b5769ee5b34c78895733975
71SaveAs.png172 bytesMD5: 6ac7e6cc542b7a5a8ac37cf9697317ab
72ErrorPDF_Bk.png797 bytesMD5: 3686d262434a1dc8d3903fb5fd5e4ef2
73btn_min_hover.png169 bytesMD5: 2167d87c5413a70187737e74f9a0858f
74Rotate_disable.png15293 bytesMD5: bfb0be4854412a41ff6bcbe7e22843c4
75SaveAs_disable.png15021 bytesMD5: 2fb301b72cb8b946fa43eb8f4cd39ef4
76ToolText_normal.png339 bytesMD5: dd74487e94cef40e2316840c22577088
77ContextMenuBK.png611 bytesMD5: 91d19ee92a59bb66fd9b9c81973ab9c2
78ToolArror_normal.png477 bytesMD5: 466baaedcb88b3fb6ea5acba220d5987
79open.png170 bytesMD5: af9ee81ddbeccfb6f73aa4e423ca8722
80CrashReportModuleConf.ini764 bytesMD5: 1acc4834218ba35af68341530e55ba80
81ToolText_pressed.png15185 bytesMD5: 7329541eefcbbbe961cfe9324a74433e
82p_page_pressed.png15204 bytesMD5: 6a1d491f4fc705479160be1bdc223e0c
83ToolBarBk.png171 bytesMD5: 16b4c98ea40662a127aa53ee7e804445
84LitePDFReader.exe4859512 bytesMD5: a5e013a7e22a64452e43bdc3b28b71df
85bg_input.jpg1077 bytesMD5: 606a0a4f1bafdb1299202f605d3f6995
86btn_restory_hover.png231 bytesMD5: 3bc8354acfa83f04ff862373a67a2214
87btn_hover2.png236 bytesMD5: 94cf7bcc62cd4fbc4c12264a93b59adf
88p_page_normal.png354 bytesMD5: 2b6c8c2e8dd4c9973118bbdf6f5e8448
89btn_restory_normal.png205 bytesMD5: 717da47f2b26bb7684f688b3f8e7fb08
90Print_disable.png15067 bytesMD5: 260eaaa8f2fbab22852f8cfc95cd32d7
91ZoomIn_disable.png15360 bytesMD5: 8d74a5aae9dd1f1f53358d0b012d45d2
92btn_open_normal.png588 bytesMD5: 1be26d4a8ab4cec30bfb1c70396cbad8
93bookmark_normal.png187 bytesMD5: e524290fc08bf648c718b33791e05954
94LitePDFReader.lnk1225 bytesMD5: 80ddd45632375239fc13bbb86d58c7cb
95ExitFullScreen_normal.png16710 bytesMD5: 80ffe90adeeb738277ffdfde955d31b2
96FullScreen_hover.png14610 bytesMD5: 200726b0e16b844e18fb37102e3841b9
97ExitFullScreen_pressed.png16709 bytesMD5: 6d21faf55e6cfecaae2ff41cf55ccb17

Memory Processes Created:

# Process Name Process Filename Main module size
1LitePDFReaderServ.exeLitePDFReaderServ.exe151672 bytes
2Report.exeReport.exe328312 bytes
3CrashUL.exeCrashUL.exe313464 bytes
4InstallHelper.exeInstallHelper.exe743544 bytes
5CrashReport.exeCrashReport.exe727160 bytes
6LitePDFReader.exeLitePDFReader.exe4859512 bytes

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