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Installing FilmsPro Search Extension might seem like a great idea at first; however, this add-on is not as useful as you might believe. It promises to find movie-related content, and it does that; however, in reality, it simply promotes, and you can move to this site to find the information you need directly from your browser. You do not need an extension for that. The truth is that it is unlikely that this add-on was created to help Google Chrome users find information on their favorite films. It appears that it was created to hijack the default search provider. Some might argue that this modification is necessary so that users could look up movie-related content, but our researchers have found that the PUP (potentially unwanted program) works beyond that. If you want to learn why our research team recommends deleting FilmsPro Search Extension, please continue reading. If you cannot wait to get rid of this unwanted add-on, scroll down to the removal instructions below.

If you have downloaded FilmsPro Search Extension after some deliberation and research, you know that it offers a unique search experience. If you enter the letter “m” into the address bar of your browser and then tap the “Tab” key on the keyboard, you are introduced to a modified default search provider, and you can enter any keyword you want. Once you hit “Enter,” you are redirected to This is done by redirecting via the server. The content on this site is not useless, but it is not exclusive either, and you can find much better information on or any other well-known movie database. If you do not activate FilmsPro Search, you are redirected to Yahoo Search, which means that the PUP actually corrupts the default search provider. Though Yahoo Search is generally identified as a reliable and trusted search engine, note that the developer of the extension can inject sponsored third-party links. Is it dangerous to interact with these links? It could be, but we cannot guarantee this. All in all, considering that the extension is not that useful, we are sure that instead of preparing yourself for potential security risks, you will choose to remove the PUP.

You are introduced to FilmsPro Search Extension at, but the installer is promoted at That does not mean that this is the only source that promotes the PUP. Unfortunately, it is possible that malicious installers will be employed to distribute this PUP, and, in this case, it could be packaged along with malware or other potentially unwanted programs. Download the free malware scanner available via the links below and perform a full system scan. Soon enough, you will know if you need to delete any malicious threats. Hopefully, you do not, but if malware is found, do not ignore it because that could lead to bigger problems. When it comes to FilmsPro Search Extension, although it is not classified as a malicious threat, it is clear that its services are not that beneficial, and the fact that it can redirect to Yahoo Search without permission is disconcerting. Due to this, we recommend deleting this PUP too.

Do you need to remove FilmsPro Search Extension along with malware or other PUPs? If you do, you need to consider employing anti-malware software. While eliminating the PUP discussed in this report is very easy, clearing the system from other threats might be much more challenging. Besides, by investing in anti-malware software, you would not be investing in the removal of malware only. You would be investing in full-time protection, and that, of course, is most important. You need to think about that even if you can delete FilmsPro Search Extension and other threats yourself. If you are determined to erase the PUP yourself, but you have questions about the guide below, do not hesitate to communicate with us via the comments section that you can find below.

How to delete FilmsPro Search Extension

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Simultaneously tap Alt+F to launch the Google Chrome menu.
  3. Select More tools and then choose Extensions.
  4. Click the recycle bin next to the unwanted extension.
  5. Select Remove and then restart the browser.
Download Remover for FilmsPro Search Extension *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

FilmsPro Search Extension Screenshots:

FilmsPro Search Extension
FilmsPro Search Extension
FilmsPro Search Extension

FilmsPro Search Extension technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1privacy-policy.txt6650 bytesMD5: 122420d597973208669c7d0b1e85958d
2icon128.png13407 bytesMD5: 703fe6b8c89bdaf74041fa435e6fbe97
3loader.js8326 bytesMD5: aed853bdae66e095e5ba6b4fc0898cb5
4computed_hashes.json4031 bytesMD5: dcf1f38e223117da095be794fae3e91d
5share.jpg17633 bytesMD5: 4eb6b41e397669abc6854e08f9d6e9d2
6rate.jpg102155 bytesMD5: 3a1998d81684a08f44ad7b033ea6dc16
7manifest.json1991 bytesMD5: 11d67566a56a2632a2bdc8e3c71bbf49
8EULA.txt9833 bytesMD5: d0ccd50a3d192590b361ec60ce700646
9icon16.png796 bytesMD5: 271687443c7f875eebcb382eb02d3d9c
10rate1.png12334 bytesMD5: 8cca3e740e54d156ef4db20c211c96c4
11jquery.min.js85656 bytesMD5: 1d35678c5edbb639ab7aa5cce0856f57
12verified_contents.json2733 bytesMD5: 7c38f58b4ba2d198b09c1269c003d1ef
13rate_and_share.js19068 bytesMD5: 21f409ec16274b57da866e3039172497
14close.png1920 bytesMD5: a01020b72a7fff2ee3d64de469d99eee
15share1.png4466 bytesMD5: 5e71fe7935815315847f1c0ec5fe14a2

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