PCPerformerSetup.exe analysis

This file is malware!

According our analysis the PCPerformerSetup.exe file is associated with the PC Performer family. This entry has 2 aliases.

File Name: PCPerformerSetup.exe
Threat level:
Affected Operating systems: 64/32-bit Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
File Type: exe – are Executable files of various commands for processor performance that launches various programs and modifies setup applets. Extensions .exe, .bat, .com, .bin are all a part of Executable files. While running in MS DOS environment, these files can be accessed by entering a program folder, writing the name of the file you want to access in the Command Line Interface and pressing enter. While in Windows, it is enough to click the file twice to it. Since exe files are used to run programs, they may often contain malicious codes, so you should execute them only if your source is reliable and you are sure the files are safe.
File Size: 804640 bytes
MD5: 73b3632bc684ad8cc292972db4c0ee21
SHA-1: N/A
Point of execution: N/A
Path: N/A
Mime Type: application/x-msdos-program
Threats associated with:
  1. SmarterPcSolutions.net
  2. Pc Speed Test Ads
File Variations:
# File Size Checksum Detection Count
1.804640 bytesMD5: 73b3632bc684ad8cc292972db4c0ee21
SHA-1: N/A
2.804640 bytesMD5: 73b3632bc684ad8cc292972db4c0ee21
SHA-1: N/A
3.804640 bytesMD5: 73b3632bc684ad8cc292972db4c0ee21
SHA-1: N/A




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