CasaleMedia is a tracking cookie that monitors your Internet browsing habits in order to track when you see online advertisements. According to the official website for CasaleMedia, the cookies are used for two main purposes. Firstly, CasaleMedia tracking cookie checks whether you have seen a particular advertisement served by the company already.

Top Threats

Lanran Ransomware

Reimage program seems like a decent online computer repair service which claims to be able to revive the life of your PC, restore the performance, and even provide the system with the newest files. This application is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7. This application is very often classified as a potentially unwanted program for several reasons which will be presented in this article.

Crypto-Loot Miner

Crypto-Loot Miner cannot be labeled as a dangerous threat to your system and, as you may also know, crypto-mining is still considered legal; well, sort of. As a matter of fact, we believe that when your PC is used by a...

Antivirus 2010

Antivirus 2010 is extremely dangerous to your computer and that doesn’t require an expert to determine. Even though this program is called Antivirus 2010 there is nothing pro-safeguard in it, because it a terrible...

Iexplore.exe Errors

Generally iexplore.exe is a process that represents the Internet Explorer browser in your Windows Task Manager. However, there are some Iexplore.exe errors that are related to iexplore.exe and they have nothing to do...