Meteoroids is not an infection; however, malware researchers warn that you should treat this suspicious application with caution. The program is represented as the ‘web’s worst nightmare’, and if you install it, you will be able to collect points by destroying the web pages you browse. The program is somewhat of a virtual game, and people do not think that it will offer any other services, which is why they install it without any discussions.

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If you have opened your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser and noticed that your homepage and search engine have been replaced by without your permission, you should know that a browser hijacker has entered your system. Unfortunately, browser hijacker will not only change the settings of your browser, but also modify the Target line, which means that it will revive every time you try to delete it from the system. In this sense, is very similar to other browser hijackers that belong to Qone8 family, for instance,,,, and the like. is yet another browser hijacker from the infamous Qvo6 family. Unfortunately, the hijacker is camouflaged as a regular search engine created by EMG Technology Limited, which is why not all computer... is a suspicious search engine that might replace your homepage and search provider. This might happen without your permission; however, there is still a possibility that you will agree with the changes...


It is clear to see that GoSave is an adware application. As such, it is bound to collect information on your web search queries and your most frequently visited websites. Later on this data is used to create a flow of...