Relevant Knowledge

It can be difficult to distinguish between genuine online applications and forums, such as the Relevant Knowledge online market research service. This service is used to conduct online surveys on topics which are potentially of interest to the Internet community. The responses to Relevant Knowledge surveys are used to help determine the needs and content Internet users have and want. The problem with Relevant Knowledge comes in where it records a history of PC users’ Internet use.

Top Threats


CasaleMedia is a tracking cookie that monitors your Internet browsing habits in order to track when you see online advertisements. According to the official website for CasaleMedia, the cookies are used for two main purposes. Firstly, CasaleMedia tracking cookie checks whether you have seen a particular advertisement served by the company already.

Systweak Support Dock

Systweak Support Dock might be installed on your system together with RegClean Pro, which is a potentially unwanted application. Even though it was published in 2012, it is still very active nowadays; thus, you should be careful with it. If you wonder why this program is considered to be PUP, you should know that it might be related with other malware in a sense. is a search engine that is targeted at the computer users living in Brazil. The search engine does offer a search tool that can lead you to (Yahoo Brazil) or (Baidu...

Warning Call (844) 763-5838

If you have recently installed Secure PC Cleaner on your computer, then you should not be surprised when you see the Warning Call (844) 763-5838 message on your screen. This notification will tell you that a particular...

Antivirus 2010

Antivirus 2010 is extremely dangerous to your computer and that doesn’t require an expert to determine. Even though this program is called Antivirus 2010 there is nothing pro-safeguard in it, because it a terrible...