Windows Advanced Toolkit

Visiting questionable websites or keeping your PC’s system unprotected might cause the infection of Windows Advanced Toolkit. This application, even if it seems to be legitimate, is simulated software designed to trick you into believing that the system is at risk. Do not trust this application, because it is a copy of Windows Proactive Safety, Windows Maintenance Guard and other fraudulent programs which can get into the system unnoticed and start terrorizing you with imaginary infections.

Top Threats

DeadSec-Crypto Ransomware

If you have opened your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser and noticed that your homepage and search engine have been replaced by without your permission, you should know that a browser hijacker has entered your system. Unfortunately, browser hijacker will not only change the settings of your browser, but also modify the Target line, which means that it will revive every time you try to delete it from the system. In this sense, is very similar to other browser hijackers that belong to Qone8 family, for instance,,,, and the like.


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Antivirus 2010

Antivirus 2010 is extremely dangerous to your computer and that doesn’t require an expert to determine. Even though this program is called Antivirus 2010 there is nothing pro-safeguard in it, because it a terrible...