Spora Ransomware

Spora Ransomware is a recently detected malicious application which, according to specialists at 411-spyware.com, targets Russian users primarily. Of course, the situation might quickly change in the future because Spora Ransomware is a sophisticated ransomware infection created by cyber criminals who know what to do. It might become prevalent in a number of different countries and infect thousands of users in the future, but it does not seem that it is going to change the way it works. Just like other ransomware infections, it enters computers with the intention of encrypting users’ data and then extorting money from them.

Top Threats


Everyday Manuals Toolbar

Are you constantly looking for manuals or instructions? If you are, Everyday Manuals Toolbar might catch your eye. It would seem like the demand for such a program was not high, but, according to the user count on the Chrome web store page representing this toolbar, it has well over 12 thousand users! The question is how many of these users installed this app knowing it? Although it is highly unlikely that this toolbar is spread silently or illegally, it could be packaged with third-party software, and some users might install it by accident.

Powered By Vidsqaure Ads

If you start seeing suspicious Powered By Vidsqaure Ads, they are likely to be delivered by Vidsqaure. This Epikai product was designed to bypass the restrictions that certain online services have regarding the...

Relevant Knowledge

It can be difficult to distinguish between genuine online applications and forums, such as the Relevant Knowledge online market research service. This service is used to conduct online surveys on topics which are...

Security Shield

If you have encountered Security Tool before, then you should know that Security Shield is just as dangerous of a malware application. This new rogue antispyware can leave your computer in ruins if you allow it to stay...