Spora Ransomware

Spora Ransomware is a recently detected malicious application which, according to specialists at 411-spyware.com, targets Russian users primarily. Of course, the situation might quickly change in the future because Spora Ransomware is a sophisticated ransomware infection created by cyber criminals who know what to do. It might become prevalent in a number of different countries and infect thousands of users in the future, but it does not seem that it is going to change the way it works. Just like other ransomware infections, it enters computers with the intention of encrypting users’ data and then extorting money from them.

Top Threats

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If you have realized that your regular search tools were replaced by Aqovd.com, there is no doubt that you are under an attack of a malicious browser hijacker. Of course, in some cases, this search tool could be installed with the permission of the browsers’ owner, but even then this suspicious search tool requires removal. The content that this search tool represents is highly unpredictable, which means that you might get into trouble every time you use it.


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