If you have opened your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser and noticed that your homepage and search engine have been replaced by without your permission, you should know that a browser hijacker has entered your system. Unfortunately, browser hijacker will not only change the settings of your browser, but also modify the Target line, which means that it will revive every time you try to delete it from the system. In this sense, is very similar to other browser hijackers that belong to Qone8 family, for instance,,,, and the like.

Top Threats



PriceChop is a shopping assistant which works on your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. PriceChop is accessible at and is installed as a browser add-on. The program may also be bundled with different programs, including browser extensions, media players, system optimization programs, etc.


It may seem that most of the computer infections target English-speaking users that is only a general misconception. After taking a closer look, we find such threats as Netmahal as well, targeting users in Turkey and...


FinFisher is a clandestine program primarily used by national governmental agencies to spy on targeted computers using the so-called Remote Monitoring and Deployment Solutions. Even though the malign program is usually...


Plus-HD is a browser add-on which automatically enhances YouTube videos by providing them in the high definition format. The application is published by Kimahari Software and is available at We recommend...