If you have realized that your regular search tools were replaced by, there is no doubt that you are under an attack of a malicious browser hijacker. Of course, in some cases, this search tool could be installed with the permission of the browsers’ owner, but even then this suspicious search tool requires removal. The content that this search tool represents is highly unpredictable, which means that you might get into trouble every time you use it.

Top Threats

Atlas DMT

Atlas DMT is not an innocent browser cookie that works towards collecting demographical and statistical data. On the contrary, this tracking cookie is meant to spy on your personal, virtual activity, help steal passwords and usernames or trick you into downloading even more malicious infections into your computer. is a browser hijacker that can change the Target shortcut on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer browsers. This is done silently, and most computer users do not know that this is something that could be changed, which is the main reason why they often do not know how to delete from their browsers. Before we show you how to remove this browser hijacker, we strongly recommend reading this report to understand how this infection works, what security threats it could expose you to, and why it is important to delete this threat.

CouponDropDown Virus

CouponDropDown Virus is a piece of adware which can infect such internet browsers as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Depending on the version of this infection, a browser extension can be installed...

PC MightyMax

Although there are many computer optimization tools that can improve your overall system performance PC MightyMax is not one of them. This program is a fake system optimization tool that targets your money. Since PC...

Speedbit video accelerator

Speedbit Video Accelerator is a computer program which you can download from Some computer users regard this seemingly useful application as malicious simply because it can reconfigure your browser...