Windows Debug Center

Fake antispyware applications can affect numerous PC users and their systems’ security, and Windows Debug Center is not any different. The clone of malicious applications Windows No-Risk Agent has been designed to rip you off, so do not be alarmed by Windows Debug Center’s proclaimed fake computer infection, and, most importantly,

Top Threats


SalesChecker is a newly crafted adware application that has been circulating around the web lately. Reports show that quite a few users get their operating systems infected by this invasive program. Just like many analogue adware applications, SalesChecker is marketed in a shady way, to say the least.

Secure Surf

Secure Surf is a new browser extension that may not be as secure as its name suggests. This tool only works with your Google Chrome browser so if you prefer to use other browsers, it would not even make any sense to...

Relevant Knowledge

It can be difficult to distinguish between genuine online applications and forums, such as the Relevant Knowledge online market research service. This service is used to conduct online surveys on topics which are...

Security Shield

If you have encountered Security Tool before, then you should know that Security Shield is just as dangerous of a malware application. This new rogue antispyware can leave your computer in ruins if you allow it to stay...