CTB-Locker is a dangerous ransomware infection that encrypts files and requires that the users of the infected computers pay for the decryption. The CTB-Locker ransomware infection is installed by a Trojan horse, which gets on the computer through insecure pornography websites and files exchange websites.

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GoForFiles is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing client which is meant to help you download movies, music and various other files onto your personal computer. The application has been published by Righway Technologies, Inc and it is represented at goforfiles.com.


Webssearches.com is yet another browser hijacker from the infamous Qvo6 family. Unfortunately, the hijacker is camouflaged as a regular search engine created by EMG Technology Limited, which is why not all computer...


Adware.browsefox is a computer application which is aimed at the computer users who like shopping online. Originally, the name of the application is BrowseFox. It can fall into different categories – some malware...


If you have replaced the regular, trusted search tools with Searchult.com, it is only a matter of time before you choose to remove this suspicious search provider. Even though at first the application may seem...