FileCoder Ransomware

FileCoder Ransomware is a threat that can ambush you without any warning. The success of this threat depends on the successful infiltration, which is why its developers have turned to malicious scams. Our researchers have found that FileCoder Ransomware primarily travels via corrupted spam emails. The credentials of banks, delivery companies, federal organizations, and other reputable parties could be used to trick you into thinking that corrupted emails are trustworthy. If you trust them, you could be tricked into downloading malware without even knowing it. If that happens, the malicious ransomware infection will immediately encrypt your personal files making them inaccessible.

Top Threats

Tyrant Ransomware

Antivirus 2010

Antivirus 2010 is extremely dangerous to your computer and that doesn’t require an expert to determine. Even though this program is called Antivirus 2010 there is nothing pro-safeguard in it, because it a terrible computer threat that only pretends to be a beneficial program. This application is rogue antispyware that tricks unsuspecting users into believing that it is a good program that can protect their computers from harm. It also uses rootkits it hide its malicious presence from computer security tools that are already installed in the target computer. Therefore, it is clear that Antivirus 2010 has been created by cyber criminals that are out there only to rip easy financial gain, by stealing hard-earned money from innocent users worldwide.

Antivirus XP 2008

There are many ways for rogues such as Antivirus XP 2008 to arrive at your computer. In this case, the rogue antispyware application is being promoted and advertised via Trojans and other types of malware. In general,...

Security Essentials 2010

Security Essentials 2010 is a newer version of Internet Security 2010. It is a fake antivirus program that is promoted and installed by Trojan infection that looks like a flash update or a codec that is needed in order...

Trojan Generic

Trojan Generic is a computer parasite that was detected in 2008 for the first time, and ever since has been infecting and plaguing numbers of computers worldwide. This Trojan is a rather tricky case of computer...