If you have realized that your regular search tools were replaced by, there is no doubt that you are under an attack of a malicious browser hijacker. Of course, in some cases, this search tool could be installed with the permission of the browsers’ owner, but even then this suspicious search tool requires removal. The content that this search tool represents is highly unpredictable, which means that you might get into trouble every time you use it.

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CrossBrowser might look like a useful browser for those computer users who surf the Internet on a daily basis. It might seem that it can help you to open different websites more quickly; however, we do not recommend trusting it even if it seems useful. One of the main reasons why we do not recommend trusting CrossBrowser blindly is the fact that it is classified as a potentially unwanted application. There are several reasons why it is categorized like that. You should read through this article to get more information. This article will also help you to decide whether to remove CrossBrowser from the system.


Picexa is an image viewer application that we categorize as a potentially unwanted program. The nature of this program is highly suspicious so it is best that you remove Picexa from your machine and look for a more... is a devious browser hijacker that has the ability to modify the home page on your Firefox, Chrome, and even Internet Explorer browsers. Furthermore, this infection can modify the browser shortcut... is a search engine that we have found identical to among others, and we must tell you right away that finding this tool in your browsers is really bad news. First, for this application...