Qone8.com is a search engine which you may come across one day if you browse insecure websites without having a reliable spyware removal tool. If an application that replaces the home page with qone.8.com is installed, you will find that your search results are still provided by Google.

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Webssearches.com is yet another browser hijacker from the infamous Qvo6 family. Unfortunately, the hijacker is camouflaged as a regular search engine created by EMG Technology Limited, which is why not all computer users realize that they need to remove istart.webssearches.com from their browsers.


When it comes to browser hijackers users probably would never think that such website as start.qone8.com is part of a wide scam network devised to infect innocent users and to collect their web browsing data. Therefore,...


If you install the browser hijacker Webssearch, do not get surprised when the home page is changed to istart.webssearches.com. Istart.webssearches.com can replace your favorite home page on popular Internet browsers,...


There may be many applications that promise to improve your online video watching experience, but you should not be too hasty in installing them. What is more, as far as the likes of HQ-Video are concerned, such...